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[Solved] [1.15.2] Music Disc play sound with no distance limit


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I am making a music disc Item named [Zombie On Your Lawn].

I can correctly use the disc Item to right click JuckBox, and it can play the right music.

But When i leave the JuckBox Block for about 200 blocks away, the music is still playing.(normally, when player about 30 blocks away, the music will stop playing).

Here is the code in ItemRegister.

public static final RegistryObject<Item> ZOMBIE_ON_YOUR_LAWN = ITEMS.register("zombie_on_your_lawn", () -> {return 
			new MusicDiscItem(0, () -> {
				return SoundRegister.ZOMBIE_ON_YOUR_LAWN.get();
				}, new Item.Properties().maxStackSize(1).group(GroupRegister.PVZ_MISC).rarity(Rarity.RARE));
        "subtitle": "sound.pvz.zombie_on_your_lawn",
        "sounds":[{"name":"pvz:music/zombie_on_your_lawn", "stream":true}]


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