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1.16.4 - Overriding Vanilla Blocks not registring BlockItem


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This is my first post here so I'm not even sure if this is the correct place to address my problem but anyways:


Using DeferredRegisterI was able to successfully override a few block's functionality (the snow block) however, while ingame, the BlockItem does not seem to have been kept from the vanilla game.


Here are some of the side effects I currently have:

  • There are two textureless instances of the snow's BlockItem present within the creative menu (both have the same functionality - behaves like the overriden block)
  • doing /give Dev minecraft:snow gives a textured version of the block (again works as expected)


My understanding is that the reason why this happens is because I have overridden the block and I also need to register a new BlockItem for the new blocks.


This is how I register blocks.


import static com.than00ber.wintersnow.init.AllItems.ITEMS;

public class AllBlocks {

    public static final DeferredRegister<Block> BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, Main.MODID);
    public static final DeferredRegister<Block> OVERRIDDEN_BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, "minecraft");

    // some cusotm mod blocks fully registered correctly
    public static final RegistryObject<Block> BASIC_SNOW = registerBlockOverride(Blocks.SNOW, "snow", BasicSnow::new);

    private static <T extends Block> RegistryObject<T> registerBlock(String name, Supplier<T> block) {
        // register mod blocks - unimportant

    private static <T extends Block> RegistryObject<T> registerBlockOverride(Block defaultBlock, String name, Supplier<T> block) {
        RegistryObject<T> reg = OVERRIDDEN_BLOCKS.register(name, block);
        BlockItem blockItem = new BlockItem(defaultBlock, new Item.Properties().group(ItemGroup.BUILDING_BLOCKS));
        ITEMS.register(name, () -> blockItem);
        return reg;


I register the blocks I want to override with a DeferredRegister set with modid minecraft and within my mod's constructor I register the blocks to an event bus:


    public Main() {

        // Registering blocks
        IEventBus iEventBus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus();
        // some other stuff - unimportant


I could just get the textures of the block and put them in my mod folder but this seems a bit redundant. Is there any other way I could get the item's normal BlockItem?


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