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    • so i created a "1.16.5" folder in the folder "mod" as usual but it doesn't use the mods. Can anyone help me ?
    • That worked.   Here is my solution @SubscribeEvent public static void onOpenGui(final GuiScreenEvent.InitGuiEvent.Post event) { if (!(event.getGui() instanceof ControlsScreen)) return; final ControlsScreen controlsScreen = (ControlsScreen) event.getGui(); final KeyBindingList replacement = new KeyBindingListReplacement(controlsScreen, event.getGui().getMinecraft()); final KeyBindingList old = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(ControlsScreen.class, controlsScreen, "field_146494_r"); controlsScreen.getEventListeners().remove(old); ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(ControlsScreen.class, controlsScreen, replacement, "field_146494_r"); try { Method addChildMethod = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.findMethod(Screen.class, "func_230481_d_", IGuiEventListener.class); addChildMethod.setAccessible(true); addChildMethod.invoke(controlsScreen, replacement); addChildMethod.setAccessible(false); } catch (IllegalAccessException | InvocationTargetException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } }  
    • im using this run.sh file, which contains: java -Xmx6G -Xms6G -jar minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar --nogui Edit: When I first posted about this I was using the serverRun.jar, which the first log file I posted is what the output was
    • I'm new to mod coding so i've watch tutorial in youtube in setup workspace step i got this error , i've try many solutions to fix but it still not working try update gradle to 6.8.3 but still not working try update java and still not working too here's my stacktrace: Stacktrace
    • Please show how exactly you are starting the server.
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