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Custom Modpack/Server on 1.16.5?


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Does it make sense to start a custom modpack and server with friends for 1.16.5 on the latest Forge release (36.0.42 right now), or to stick to recommended releases for earlier versions/wait for 1.17 and a recommended release?


I assumed that waiting for recommended versions was, well, recommended, but mods suggested that wasn't necessarily true. Is 36.0.42 stable enough to start a server on (and not have it become unplayable at some point) and if so, is there an easy way to disable the scary warning messages I get on the title screen from using the latest releases?


(To give a little bit more context, 1.16.5 has proper versions for both Create and ProjectE on CurseForge whereas 1.16.4 doesn't, although I haven't checked further back than that. I'm trying to make a fairly minimal modpack and have found a decent collection of mods for 1.16.5 that I'd love to use if it's stable).



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