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[1.16.4] Question on implementing recipes based on NBT data


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I have a few questions about recipes, or my options for what I want, and I want to ask them before I start implementing code.

I have a block that holds experience, and there is an input and output. Currently I just have a book that holds experience as an NBT tag.

But in the future I want to fill a bottle with experience for other uses. Right now I look to see if the tag is present and then take the exp from it, but this doesn't work for what I want in the future.


Should I make a Recipe type for this block -- but my question here is how can I use the nbt data of the item and output the item with no tag?


Sorry if I don't make much sense here. Basically I have an item with nbt data that is drawn out of the item and into the block, but I want to "future-proof" it so I don't have any problems in next time.

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I was thinking, have the Recipe type and put the recipe for the item as (Item Input) -> (Item Output), and put the timeTaken as some arbitrary number like 0/60. Then when I actually put the item in, it checks if it has the NBT tag and then give it a custom timeTaken based on how full it is. That way a half full item won't take as long as a completely full item. And if the item doesnt have the tag, then it will check if there is a recipe that uses it and it will have the correct timeTaken.


I don't know if this is the best way tbh, this is just me thinking based on what I know so far. If anybody has a better way then I'd love to hear it.

Thank you.

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