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What are the rules/specifications for .obj one can load into minecraft?


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I'm trying to get my .obj models into minecraft, or rather I try to get some simple concepts into my mod before I start working on the real deal. So far I only get some of my them into the game without crashing. It seems that there are some stuff that minecraft simply does not like..


So before I start spending countless hours on creating models I'd like to know what are the constraints?

What are the rules I need to make sure the .obj follows, so that it can be imported?


If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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I've just started playing with them myself.


Here is what I've changed from the default Blender export options


uncheck "Write Materials"                generates an unneeded file

check "Triangulate Faces"                  the importer wouldn't accept any of my models without this, even if I pre-applied a triangulate modifier

uncheck "Objects as OBJ Objects"    the importer rejects the lines this adds


The the other change I do is check "Selection Only" but that only needed if you have parts you don't want exported

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