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GUI'S and player editing

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So I'm trying to make a mod that is inspired by Origin's because this mod isn't for forge I was wondering if anyone can help me do something like this where you get a GUI when you join the world where you can select a race that has abilities and down sides to them, I also want to have classes but first I want these race's done so if anyone can help this would be appreciated.

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    • You're going to need to be more specific. What list is changing size, how often does it change, how many entries can be stored within the list, does the block have a tile entity?
    • Yes, you can still sign jars as that is not a Forge concept, that is a java one. ForgeGradle adds the ability to sign a jar within your buildscript while the event was used to check if there was a violation in the signature. Although the event doesn't exist anymore, ForgeGradle still supports signing a jar through the SignJar task. As for how to sign a java jar, you would need to generate an key-pair. Using Java's keytool command also wraps the public key into a X.509 self-signed certificate which can be used in a bunch of other places. Once you have this generated, make sure to remember the location it's stored on your computer, the alias given for unique identification, the keystore password, and the key password. We can then create the signed jar by having the base jar finalized by our task and making sure it executes after the jar has been reobfuscated via 'reobfJar' within the build.gradle.
    • So i'm running modded minecraft with shaders and noticed my fps was quite low. I did some tests and found that on minecraft with optifine alone, my pc could handle shaders at 130 fps at 48 render distance and also that the gpu usage was on 100%, while when i had forge and optifine at the same time, it wouldn't even handle 90 constant at 12 render distance, and the gpu usage varied from 30-50%. Is there any fix to this?
    • I'm playing with a moderately big modpack, like 70 mods, and the tick lag is sometimes really low(3ms average), and sometimes it spikes up really high. Sometimes mobs like overspawn or something, and that causes massive lag, tick lag and fps lag. Im usually fine with fps, but tick lag is really bothering. I have added multiple performance mods and allocated mroe ram, but it never really helps. This has by far been my biggest problem while playing modded. Any help? I have some screenshots, so ill link them here since i cant upload them here for some reason. https://pasteboard.co/JWICxxK.png https://pasteboard.co/JWICJbo.png https://pasteboard.co/JWIDe63.png   when tick lag is low https://pasteboard.co/JWID3Oh.png
    • Looking at the ItemLayerModel, it seems that each pixel of the texture is overwritten and generated as a quad, but in the ItemModelGenerator rendering the spawnegg item, simply add the quad of the upper layer to the quad of the lower layer. It looks like it's being returned in a list. Is the transparent part overwritten just by adding a Quad with the same shape but a different texture later, like the latter?
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