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[1.16] Making a recipe damage an item on use

A Soulspark

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So, I want to add shapeless recipes where you use Shears + (some item) to craft another item, but the shears stay, albeit with -1 durability. After a bit of a search, it seems like you can use getContainerItem() and similar methods to achieve this, but that's out of scope here with a vanilla item.


Then, how am I supposed to approach this? Maybe through a custom recipe type where one of the ingredients stay after crafting, but how do I even do that?

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Make a custom recipe, you can extend a base recipe class (in this case ShapelessRecipe). In there override getRemainingItems and make a custom remaining item for the shears.

Then make a custom IRecipeSerializer for it and register it using the normal registry stuff. Then you can use that new recipe serializer in your recipe JSON.

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Ok, that seems to make sense! Though I'm having a bit of trouble with the damaging part, since the getRemainingItems() function only gives you an Inventory. I believe the best way to damage the item is through attemptDamageItem(), but idk how to get a java.util.Random instance in this context.


Here's the code for reference:

public NonNullList<ItemStack> getRemainingItems(CraftingInventory inv) {
  // get the default remaining items for a shapeless recipe 
  NonNullList<ItemStack> remainingItems = super.getRemainingItems(inv);

  // loop through each slot in the crafting inventory
  for (int i = 0; i < remainingItems.size(); i++) {
    ItemStack stack = inv.getStackInSlot(i);
    // if the item in the slot are shears
    if (stack.getItem() instanceof ShearsItem) {
      // try to damage the item, but this is *ugly*
      // how do I get a Random instance here ▬-▬
      stack.attemptDamageItem(1, [insert java.util.Random instance], null); // (int amount, Random random, ServerPlayerEntity entity)
      remainingItems.set(i, stack);

  return remainingItems;


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