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[1.16.4] get TranslationTextComponent from JSON with custom keys


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I've recently moved from 1.12.2 and I am having some trouble getting translations from the JSON lang files.

Getting translations for items/blocks or enchantments work perfectly but not with custom keys.


I am trying to create translatable components for configs:


In the lang JSON file I created an entry like this,


"config.<config_name>" : "Some english translation text..."


and within the code I call it like this:


private static String fromConfigKey(String key) {
	return new TranslationTextComponent("config." + key).getUnformattedComponentText();


but returns an empty string.


I have noticed that TranslationTextComponent#getUnformattedComponentText returns an empty string by default, is this something new? Do I have to create my own sub class of TranslationTextComponent which implements this one way or another? 

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Ok. I've tried this using ITextComponent instead:


private static ITextComponent fromConfigKey(String key) {
	return ITextComponent.getTextComponentOrEmpty("config." + key);


This returns the key and not its translatation. I get the same result when calling getString or getUnformattedComponentText.


Maybe this might help too. Heres how I try to register a config:


public class Configs {


    public static ForgeConfigSpec.EnumValue<CarveType> CARVE_TYPE;

    public Configs(ForgeConfigSpec.Builder forgeConfigBuilder) {
        ConfigBuilder builder = new ConfigBuilder(forgeConfigBuilder);

        CARVE_TYPE = builder.defineEnum("carve_type", CarveType.CONNECTED, CarveType.values());
    private static class ConfigBuilder {
      	private static ForgeConfigSpec.Builder BUILDER;

        private ConfigBuilder(ForgeConfigSpec.Builder builder) {
            BUILDER = builder;
        public final <V extends Enum<V>> ForgeConfigSpec.EnumValue<V> defineEnum(String key, V defaultValue, V... enums) {
            ITextComponent note = noteFromConfigKey(key);
            return !note.getString().equals("")
                    ? BUILDER.comment(fromConfigKey(key).getString(), note.getString()).defineEnum(key, defaultValue, enums)
                    : BUILDER.comment(fromConfigKey(key).getString()).defineEnum(key, defaultValue, enums);
      	private static ITextComponent fromConfigKey(String key) {
      		return ITextComponent.getTextComponentOrEmpty("config." + key);
      	private static ITextComponent noteFromConfigKey(String key) {
            return fromConfigKey(key + ".note");

    public enum CarveType {


This results in a config file like this:


#Allowed Values: CONNECTED, ALL
carve_type = "CONNECTED"


and my en_us.json:


	"config.carve_type": "Block carve type [...] "


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