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[1.16.x] How to create custom trees from custom saplings?


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When I updated my mod from 1.15 to 1.16 my saplings broke so I decided to remove them. Recently I have been trying to add the saplings in again but I am not sure what to do. I already know that the register function does not work but I am not sure what to replace it with. What I mean by this is that I am not sure if I should create a Deferred Registry or not. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

public class CustomTreeConfig {
public static final ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> MAGICA = register("magica", Feature.TREE.withConfiguration((new BaseTreeFeatureConfig.Builder(new SimpleBlockStateProvider(blockInit.MAGICA_LOG.get().getDefaultState()), new SimpleBlockStateProvider(blockInit.MAGICA_LEAVES.get().getDefaultState()), new BlobFoliagePlacer(FeatureSpread.func_242252_a(2), FeatureSpread.func_242252_a(0), 3), new StraightTrunkPlacer(4, 2, 0), new TwoLayerFeature(1, 0, 1))).setIgnoreVines().build()));


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You are very close. When I was trying to figure this out I found that you make a separate class for your tree which you can attach to your sapling block. This class that you create for your tree will reference another class that I called "Features" in which I put Configured features which I practically copied from the game's Features class (which you can find in "package net.minecraft.world.gen.feature"). I copied an oak tree with my leaves and blocks in this case.

Initializing your sapling:

public static final DeferredRegister<Block> BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, Reference.MODID);

public static final RegistryObject<Block> YOUR_SAPLING = BLOCKS.register("your_sapling", () -> new SaplingBlock(new YourTree(), AbstractBlock.Properties.of(Material.PLANT).noCollission().randomTicks().instabreak().sound(SoundType.GRASS)));

the tree class:

public class YourTree extends Tree {
	protected ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> getConfiguredFeature(Random p_225546_1_,boolean p_225546_2_) {
		if (p_225546_1_.nextInt(10) == 0) {
	         return p_225546_2_ ? Features.YOUR_FANCY_TREE_BEES_005 : Features.YOUR_FANCY_TREE;
	    } else {
	         return p_225546_2_ ? Features.YOUR_TREE_BEES_005 : Features.YOUR_TREE;


the Features class:

public class Features {
	public static final ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> YOUR_TREE = register("your_tree", Feature.TREE.configured((new BaseTreeFeatureConfig.Builder(new SimpleBlockStateProvider(Features.States.YOUR_TREE_LOG), new SimpleBlockStateProvider(Features.States.YOUR_TREE_LEAVES), new BlobFoliagePlacer(FeatureSpread.fixed(2), FeatureSpread.fixed(0), 3), new StraightTrunkPlacer(4, 2, 0), new TwoLayerFeature(1, 0, 1))).ignoreVines().build()));
	public static final ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> YOUR_FANCY_TREE = register("your_fancy_tree", Feature.TREE.configured((new BaseTreeFeatureConfig.Builder(new SimpleBlockStateProvider(Features.States.YOUR_TREE_LOG), new SimpleBlockStateProvider(Features.States.YOUR_TREE_LEAVES), new FancyFoliagePlacer(FeatureSpread.fixed(2), FeatureSpread.fixed(4), 4), new FancyTrunkPlacer(3, 11, 0), new TwoLayerFeature(0, 0, 0, OptionalInt.of(4)))).ignoreVines().heightmap(Heightmap.Type.MOTION_BLOCKING).build()));
	public static final ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> YOUR_FANCY_TREE_BEES_005 = register("your_fancy_tree_bees_005", Feature.TREE.configured(YOUR_FANCY_TREE.config().withDecorators(ImmutableList.of(Features.Placements.BEEHIVE_005))));
	public static final ConfiguredFeature<BaseTreeFeatureConfig, ?> YOUR_TREE_BEES_005 = register("your_tree_bees_005", Feature.TREE.configured(YOUR_TREE.config().withDecorators(ImmutableList.of(Features.Placements.BEEHIVE_005))));

	public static final class States {

		protected static final BlockState YOUR_TREE_LOG = BlockInit.YOUR_TREE_LOG.get().defaultBlockState();
		protected static final BlockState YOUR_TREE_LEAVES = BlockInit.YOUR_TREE_LEAVES.get().defaultBlockState();
	public static final class Placements {
	   public static final BeehiveTreeDecorator BEEHIVE_005 = new BeehiveTreeDecorator(0.05F);
	private static <FC extends IFeatureConfig> ConfiguredFeature<FC, ?> register(String p_243968_0_, ConfiguredFeature<FC, ?> p_243968_1_) {
	   return Registry.register(WorldGenRegistries.CONFIGURED_FEATURE, p_243968_0_, p_243968_1_);

Here we are configuring features for the tree and using the custom logs and leaves as the tree logs and leaves. Since I'm copying oak trees and oak trees can have a small chance to have beehives on them there is also a beehive decorator as well, not all trees have this though which you will see in the game's other tree classes and features. In the tree class we are basically giving random chance to whether or not your sapling grows into a fancy tree or a regular tree (taller complex tree vs shorter simple tree). This is all tied to the sapling so if you use bonemeal it should grow a tree with your custom blocks. If you want to copy a different tree you can reference the features class and look for the different trees and fancy trees and initialize them like they are in that class.

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