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Exit Code 0 on fresh install

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A had please, I'm bagging my head against the wall on this.

- Fresh MC install

- Vanilla MC runs without problem

- Fresh install of Forge 1.16.5-36.1.0 (tried 36.1.4 too)

- No mods installed

- tried deleting fml.toml

- Latest available nvidia drivers 460.39

- system up to date 

This is the latest debug.log


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For some reason on your system the graphics system fails to tell Forge the primary monitor. You can try disabling the FML early progress window by adding


to the "JVM Arguments" box in the launcher installation settings.

But chances are, you'll just run into some other error later. If however that does fix it, I'll submit a possible patch to Forge which will just ignore and not center the window if there is no primary monitor.

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You are a genius @diesieben07! it worked! thank you very much for your help.

For context, this IS running on a headless Linux Mint machine, but had not thought about monitor issues as other games run ok and I would swear I had previous versions of Forge running in this same setup, albeit that was long long ago. I guess I´ll be buying one of those dummy HMDI connectors.

What line and log did you detect the issue at?.

Let me know if I can provide you with any logs or details if you do end up raising that patch request.

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How on earth are you running a game in any meaningful way on a headless machine? 🤔

I figured it out by looking at code that causes the exception and the only possible reason would be that glfwGetPrimaryMonitor returns 0. Reading its documentation tells me that that happens if there are no monitors or an error occured.

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