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similar ClientChatReceivedEvent for Client only sendMessage


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I just started with java and minecraft modding. I want to implement a very simple task but unfortunately I do not know the right event for it. Messages sent via


from the client to the server I can use:

public void onChat(ClientChatReceivedEvent event)

to read it back in. However, there are now also messages that are sent via


only direct to the client. Is there also a possibility to read these messages? Another mod writes these "client only" messages that I want to respond to.


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it's me again, somehow I can't get to the message even via the gui

Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.sendChatMessage("erste Nachricht");
ITextComponent m = new TextComponentString("zweite Nachricht");
Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.sendChatMessage("dritte Nachricht");
String msg =  Minecraft.getMinecraft().ingameGUI.getChatGUI().getSentMessages().toString();

Output: [erste Nachricht, dritte Nachricht]

what am i doing wrong?

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ok i have to give up. i don't have the slightest idea how to use or read chatlines.
All the search was unsuccessful.
Can not you give me a little tip how the code must look like to access chatlines?

I can handle the processing of the array

Let's assume there is only one entry in the complete chat and I want to read this... please help me.

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