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1.16.5 Custom Minecart entity is invisible and interactable


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Hi, I'm trying to create an entity based of a minecart but the entity appears to be invisible and unable to be interacted with. I'm not seeing any errors in the debug log. I have included my entity and renderer. I have not added any attributes to this entity as I don't think there is any way to add them to minecarts. I added a message during ticks that appears when its alive but the minecart itself does not.

public class TrainEntity extends AbstractMinecartEntity {
	public TrainEntity(EntityType<?> p_i50126_1_, World p_i50126_2_) {
		super(p_i50126_1_, p_i50126_2_);

	public TrainEntity(World p_i1723_1_, double p_i1723_2_, double p_i1723_4_, double p_i1723_6_) {
		super(EntityRegister.TRAINENTITY.get(), p_i1723_1_, p_i1723_2_, p_i1723_4_, p_i1723_6_);
	public static final String REG = "train_entity";
	public Type getMinecartType() {
		return AbstractMinecartEntity.Type.RIDEABLE;
	public ActionResultType interact(PlayerEntity p_184230_1_, Hand p_184230_2_) {
	    ActionResultType ret = super.interact(p_184230_1_, p_184230_2_);
	    if (ret.consumesAction()) return ret;
	    if (p_184230_1_.isSecondaryUseActive()) {
	       return ActionResultType.PASS;
	    } else if (this.isVehicle()) {
	       return ActionResultType.PASS;
	    } else if (!this.level.isClientSide) {
	       return p_184230_1_.startRiding(this) ? ActionResultType.CONSUME : ActionResultType.PASS;
	    } else {
	       return ActionResultType.SUCCESS;
	public void tick() {
		STAR.LOGGER.debug("STAR - Training Hard");
public class TrainEntityRender<T extends TrainEntity> extends EntityRenderer<T> {
	protected final EntityModel<T> model = new CreeperModel<>();
	public TrainEntityRender(EntityRendererManager p_i46155_1_) {
		 this.shadowRadius = 0.7F;

	public ResourceLocation getTextureLocation(TrainEntity p_110775_1_) {
		return new ResourceLocation(STAR.MODID, "textures/entity/purple_thing.png");
	public void render(T p_225623_1_, float p_225623_2_, float p_225623_3_, MatrixStack p_225623_4_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_225623_5_, int p_225623_6_) {
	      super.render(p_225623_1_, p_225623_2_, p_225623_3_, p_225623_4_, p_225623_5_, p_225623_6_);
  			//Bunch of other stuff copied from the MinecartRenderer

	      p_225623_4_.scale(-1.0F, -1.0F, 1.0F);
	      this.model.setupAnim(p_225623_1_, 0.0F, 0.0F, -0.1F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
	      IVertexBuilder ivertexbuilder = p_225623_5_.getBuffer(this.model.renderType(this.getTextureLocation(p_225623_1_)));
	      this.model.renderToBuffer(p_225623_4_, ivertexbuilder, p_225623_6_, OverlayTexture.NO_OVERLAY, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);
	      STAR.LOGGER.debug("STAR - RENDER");
	 protected void renderMinecartContents(T p_225630_1_, float p_225630_2_, BlockState p_225630_3_, MatrixStack p_225630_4_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_225630_5_, int p_225630_6_) {
		      Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRenderer().renderSingleBlock(p_225630_3_, p_225630_4_, p_225630_5_, p_225630_6_, OverlayTexture.NO_OVERLAY);


Event Register:

    public static void onClientSetupEvent(FMLClientSetupEvent event) {
    	LOGGER.info("STAR - Client Setup");
    	//Other renderers
    	RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityRegister.TRAINENTITY.get(), TrainEntityRender::new);   

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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