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  1. About two+ years ago, I did something very juvenile. I was ignorant of a lot of things when it came to coding, forge and our setup at the school. The person I was learning from, pretty much gave me illegal information (he was faking minecraft logins at the time via a proxy mod). I had no idea the scope of what this guy was doing. I not only back talked / argued with LexManos on the topic, but I reported one of his posts at the time, which led to my ban. Obviously, I was way out of line. I offer my sincere apologies, my behavior was inexcusable. Had I known the scope of what I was involved in at the time, it would have never happened. If the ban is lifted, I of course plan on not making any waves, or engaging in such behavior. Only to learn, contribute, and make our Minecraft world a little more wondrous. My original login is: JustJinxed I've been lurking in Espernet under Neophonix
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