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  1. So the problem was that I had 2 projects, a core project and which is a mod and another project which is also a mod. The second project needs the first mod to work so I added the "compile project(":NAME")" in the dependencies section of the second mod but when I run "gradlew build" on the second project it seems to compile the first core project as a normal java application jar and just skips every forge task, so I ran "build" on every project separately and it worked fine. I don't know if that's a bug in ForgeGradle or what, but thank you!
  2. Okay now for some reason after running the "clean" task the the "build" task it works now. Thanks for your time
  3. Yes, thats what I did but even after looking at the final jar code with some decompiling tool I found out that it is still using the MCP names and not SRG names
  4. Hello, I'm new to the minecraft forge fourm so this is my first post, Sorry for any mistakes. My mod isn't working in normal minecraft (I mean minecraft launched from the launcher not in developing), the mod is running normaly in the dev environment but when I try it in normal minecraft it gives me this error: and also many errors like this "NoSuchMethodError" error. Thanks
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