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  1. Model registration messed up. It COULD be codechickenlib's fault with parsing JSON, but I personally can't identify exactly. Remove those (and mods they're required for) one-by-one:
  2. ./logs/fml-client-latest.log . means minecraft directory -%APPDATA%/.minecraft by default or whatever you specified in the launcher. Please post log using pastebin or gist. We don't need crash reports. Don't mislead people.
  3. Post the FML log (./logs/fml-client-latest.log). Please do it using pastebin or gist. No one wants to download random files from the internet.
  4. According to github issues section, it may be a conflict with BetterBuildersWands or some other unknown mods.
  5. That's that weird Minechem problem. Try to generate the world without it, and then add it back. This worked for me many times.
  6. Doesn't make sense. Post the FML log using gist before your thread gets locked for using ancient version.
  7. You don't need to unzip jar file. Just move it to the mods folder.
  8. This is the Modder Support forum, please don't spam and don't suggest stuff you know nothing about.
  9. What is your screen resolution? Also, have you tried switching to actual fullscreen mode?
  10. Sadly, all the YT tutorials are messy outdated crap. Try to google for some text ones, but make sure that creators know what they're doing. As for an example, you can look at how my new mod does it. I'm not pretending that it's the 'right' or 'good' way, but by far the most readable that I've seen.
  11. I'll try to make something. Since that plugin isn't open-source, I'll have to reinvent everything myself. EDIT: Appears that it is open-source. However, I just can't read this. And it's licensed with Apache.
  12. God what's wrong with you people? Stop monkeycoding. setUnlocalizedName(this.getRegistryName()) Of course you need to move it to a class constructor or smthing, but who the hell would do in-line initialization for every item?
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