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    I make mistakes as humans do, but I tend to make a lot more, that's why they call me a programmer

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  1. Allright! I guess I'll just do some @Suppresswarings() Thanks!
  2. Hello there, I've come across this method for quite a while; Block::onEntityCollision And as it's deprecated I'm looking for any alternatives, with the lacking of any in the javadoc; I chose this method because i wanna damage the player when walking trough my block, and AbstractFireBlock does this using this method. Thanks in advance, Tebreca
  3. Looks like you haven't updated your pack.MCMETA file; https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Creating_a_resource_pack Try changing your pack_format to 5
  4. Hello there again, So I'm working on a block that has an inventory. It all works fine and such. Now I'd like to render the item in the inventory (max stack size is 1 so technically always a stack with size 1 but I'll call it item) onto the block, when not Air. This is what I have after a morning of trying stuff; https://gist.github.com/Tebreca/28ae1e005f66270427e664f17e10c8b9 The matrix crashes the entire game; https://hastebin.com/simijavara Whatever I try I cannot find a way to scale down the item; it currently is the size of a real block; So, how would I go about rendering an ItemStack on top of my block? Thanks in advance!
  5. oh ok, thanks! I should've done that before asking here, my bad
  6. I placed the file in the resources folder, it showed up in the jar when I opened it up with WinZip. this is what happens while debugging. I got the same error when running it in a client with the jar compiled, may that make a difference with runClient.
  7. So I was trying to get a few files unpacked into a subfolder within the Minecraft profile. I got the folder and such working, but I didn't want to write an API for fetching the files from my file server. As the files may differ between versions of my mod. So I decided to just pack them in the jar, which works fine, but like I expected the following line of code doesn't work. InputStream inputStream = FolderManager.class.getResourceAsStream("files.json"); I figured this had to do with the fact that the mods are programmatically loaded in. Is there an easy way for me to access these files I packed? I will make this API for the long term, but unless there's no alternative I'm not yet planning on making it. Thanks
  8. At runtime there's a registry for minerals, the amount of minerals depends on config and other mods invoking this registry, I could force them to make their own recipes but I'm trying to make it so there's only one line required and my mod takes care of the rest
  9. That's the whole problem I'm trying to dynamically add recipes; is there any reason why this isn't possible?
  10. So I should create JSON files at runtime?
  11. Hello again, So I figured out my mineral registry and now I want to add a furnace recipe for each one of them, I made a Function<Mineral, FurnaceRecipe> which I use in this method to create the recipes; public FurnaceRecipe[] getMeltingRecipes(){ return getMinerals().stream().map(Transformers.DUST_INGOT_TRANSFORMER).collect(Collectors.toList()).toArray(new FurnaceRecipe[0]); } Now this works but I have no clue on how to register those recipes, which method should I call / what class should I override and when(which event)?
  12. Heya, So I've made a registry for a custom type called Mineral. Now I want to generate several items and blocks for each entry, but my event gets fired later than both the block and item registry events. I read this on the docs now I really just wanna do this with the forge registry, is there any workaround or do I have to write my own registry and all to make this work.
  13. Alright, I'll do that! thanks alot m8!
  14. Ah, I hate hardcoded things, is there a reason for the hard coding or is it safe for me to use asm on it
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