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  1. That worked great, thank you! I had tried looking for an ordering method in the ForgeConfigSpec Builder, and that doesn't have any functions, however its the CommentedFileConfig builder that has sorting methods. I wish I would have thought of that! Thank you again, MurkyConspiracy
  2. I have been working on implementing config into my mod, and I can't seem to find a way to organize it. It seems to not follow any logic. It doesn't seem to populate alphabetically (As I am trying to get i), or by order in the code. I have tried using .push() to setup subsections, but those seem to have the same issue. Any insight into this would be very much appreciated. Thank you, MurkyConspiracy
  3. Here is a link to the GitHub repository with my debug, latest and zipped version of the logs. MMS Public Logs I hope these are the logs your looking for, if not please let me know and I can do some more digging, Thank you!
  4. I tried that already, I posted the picture in one of the spoiler sections actually
  5. Yea so what I think you can do is create an item, like "MyModdedFlintAndSteel" in your mod, then basically verbatim copy the flint and steel class from Minecraft, adjust i as you wish. Then create a public static boolean method called "isNetherPortalBlock" with a Block or BlockState as a parameter. then just create like an array/list/arraylist with all of your blocks, Just iterate though the array/list and return true if the block matches. Finally just replace the crafting recipe of flint and steel to return your modded flint and steel. Is that kind of what you are looking for? Sorry if it isn't, I might have a disconnect on something.
  6. You could change the crafting recipe of Flint and Steel to have your item. If you point to the default Flint and Steel texture you have essentially an identical item, but with your @override method.
  7. Hello, I have migrated a mod from 1.14 to 1.15.1 and am running into an odd issue. My mod resources are showing in red, and stating they are "Incompatible" I have updated my pack.mcmeta to reflect the version change, but the issue still persists. I have tried from a clean setup and only copying over my src/java files and manually recreating my assets but that also doesn't seem to have helped. I was also trying to tinker with resource pack order but I can't seem to find any documented way of changing the default order. Preferably I would want my mod resources to override the original games, but without manually changing resource pack order. Any information on either of these two issues would be greatly appreciated!
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