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  1. Sorry but how would I initialize it without registering it?
  2. My entity works in game through world spawns and /summon but the spawn egg returns null for the entity not existing. I think it is to do with the spawn egg item being registered too early but my entity is registered before my spawn egg so I don't see why this is an issue. Any help is much appreciated Entity Registry Class public static EntityType<?> GIANT_SQUIRREL; public static void registerEntityWorldSpawns() { registerEntityWorldSpawn(GIANT_SQUIRREL, EntityClassification.CREATURE, 10, 1, 3, Biomes.BIRCH_FOREST, Biomes.DARK_FOREST, Biomes.FOREST); } public sta
  3. Any chance this will be added to the Block.Properties as it seems a bit redundant to create a class for a block just to set a harvest level?
  4. I can't figure out which functions to use to register placement types in 1.14. From what I can see in the class, the function vanilla uses is private and examples I've seen call a register method which doesn't exist any more. Thanks EntitySpawnPlacementType Class package net.minecraft.entity; import com.google.common.collect.Maps; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Random; import javax.annotation.Nullable; import net.minecraft.entity.monster.DrownedEntity; import net.minecraft.entity.monster.EndermiteEntity; import net.minecraft.entity.monster.GhastEntity; import net.min
  5. Yeah unfortunately. If you create a new text file called RunClient.bat and put 'gradlew runClient' in it, then put it in your mod folder, you can just double click it to run the game
  6. No matter what I set my tool material's attack damage value to, it loads into the game as over 700 attack damage. Any ideas why or is this a bug? ToolMaterialList class public enum ToolMaterialList implements IItemTier { TUTORIAL(1.7f, 5.0f, 25, 700, 3, ItemList.tutorial_item); private float attackDamage, efficiency; private int enchantability, durability, harvestLevel; private Item repairMaterial; private ToolMaterialList(float attackDamage, float efficiency, int enchantability, int durability, int harvestLevel, Item repairMaterial) { this.attackDamage = attackDam
  7. Seems to be a bug with eclipse. This is a workaround for now. Run this in the command prompt in your mod directory
  8. SOLUTION At least for now, you can boot the game using 'gradlew runClient' in the command prompt. This seems to be a bug and will probably be fixed soon though.
  9. Here is my item block code. This loads into my tab @SubscribeEvent public static void registerItems(final RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) { event.getRegistry().registerAll ( ItemList.tutorial_block = new ItemBlock(BlockList.tutorial_block, new Item.Properties().group(tutorial)).setRegistryName(BlockList.tutorial_block.getRegistryName()) ); Item.BLOCK_TO_ITEM.put(BlockList.tutorial_block, ItemList.tutorial_block); }
  10. Thanks for your help with the error. What's wrong with ItemBase? It's just a class that I can use to make all of my items do something, rather than having to individually do it for every item. Thanks for the help with the static stuff though, I'll change that now
  11. No idea why but I have a ResourceLocationException when registering my item. Any help is appreciated Stacktrace [18:51:09.439] [Client thread/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ja.FMLModContainer/LOADING]: Caught exception during event RegistryEvent.Register<minecraft:items> dispatch for modid tutorialmod java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: null at harry.tutorialmod.TutorialMod$RegistryEvents.registerItems(TutorialMod.java:46) ~[main/:?] at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler_1_RegistryEvents_registerItems_Register.invoke(.dynamic) ~[?:?] at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEve
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