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  1. ->LexManos Latest Forge Build 1.4.6- actually DOES come with aux.class in it's root Lex. It's the first version for 1.4.6 that I personally have downloaded and I made the assumption that this was a new addition for 1.4.6. ...... Have just downloaded Build 1.4.6- to check... It's in that one too so does appear to be an addition for 1.4.6. as I haven't seen in included before. File size differs from the aux.class shipped in minecraft.jar which also suggests to me that there was some intelligence at work rather than it just slipping in there. Regards, Alex
  2. ->zloebl777 You need an archive app that does not cache the files to disk. I have the same problem with my archiver even when dragging from one open archive window to another; files are always cached to disk. I am told that WinZip will work but haven't tried it. Work around I use in this situation is to rename aux.class within the forge distribution, copy all files to minecraft.jar, delete existing aux.class in minecraft.jar and then finally rename the file I copied into minecraft.jar back to aux.class. It sound a bit long-winded but it doesn't really come up too often and I'm loathed to dump the archiver I'm happy with just for this. Would be easier just to knock out an installer to perform the whole process of installing forge. Hope that helps :-}, Alex
  3. ->Rowsell99 Yes, that is correct. To illustrate, in my case, the physical location would be:- "C:\MCP723_Forge445\forge\mcp\src\minecraft\My_Mods\" Regards, Alex
  4. Not sure if this will help or just confuse the issue further but I'm pretty sure I'm getting this right. The topic subject states that the cpw.mods.fml.common is Missing. This is not the case but it is true that Forge has undergone some changes in the past few days to reorganise the source code. The apparently empty common folder is an artefact left behind in the eclipse project and is no longer required. LexManos "Minecraft is now decompiled into sane package names. Got rid of the src/common folder as the only folder that exists is src/mincraft, because the client and server codebase is merged." My opinions regarding these changes aren't really relevant but I would agree that this change is for the better in the long term but since eclipse isn't automatically resolving / organising imports very well, it has taken me a few hours to manually update my sources to reflect the new source structure. Compared with all the hard work put in by LexManos, CPW and the rest of the team who keep this development up and running smoothly, this is a relatively minor task Regards, Alex
  5. -> nate1994a God forbid I came across as being critical of the devs in any way, I owe a tremendous amount to a few dedicated people who have made it possible for me to transform and use Minecraft as a teaching aid for my autistic son. Virtual worlds used in this way are great for bridging that communication gap. I simple dabble to maintain those mods which are no longer supported for our own consumption so (misquoting Titanic) You'd as Like Have Angels Fly Out of Your ...... before you will be seeing me release any of my original work I'm afraid :-) So let me just say a massive thanks to those responsible for: Minecraft Forge, Buildcraft, Wireless Redstone, ComputerCraft, RedPower among others. Regards, Alex
  6. I'm fairly new to forge but didn't have this problem with previous releases. Copying FML/Eclipse dir to MCP dir worked for me too but having read the release notes, I can't help thinking that something else was intended and I'm just slow on the uptake or that the distribution might be a little out of sync. Most likely I'm just too old to get it. Anyhow, would be nice if one of the devs would kindly clarify both the Installation and Update procedures. Many thanks, Alex Edit: I'm getting this with minecraftforge-src-1.4.5-
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