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  1. Ok i've tried to build with gradle and it works. Sorry you sad it in your first post
  2. I'm not founding the libs folder in ProjectName/build . Now I'm just pressing build in Intellij but I can't find the jar file. I'm not using simple intellij IDEA gradle but I'm using an intelliJ IDEA plugin (named Minecraft Dev). Maybe thats the problem
  3. I'm building an artifact, I think I've builded with IDEA build system but how can I change build system?
  4. I'm using IntelliJ Idea, Here the jar file https://mega.nz/#!FjRDSAiB!OkdunrxdPweu-mPB06TZUX5SCJeodq2nAKQ7Q7XHNvU sorry if I put it on mega.nz but here but here the upload stopped
  5. I'm trying do develop I forge Mod with Intellij Idea plugin Minecraft Dev. I'm building some jar file, that I put into the mods folder. When I try ti start minecraft it crash. Here the logs. I've also tried set up a forge server (on localhost). It also crashes, here the server crash logs: (I'm executing minecraft with java -Xmx2024M -Xms2024M -jar forge-1.10.2- nogui) When I read this "Zip file simpleMod.jar failed to read properly, it will be ignored" I tryed to rename my jar file into a zip but anyway nothing happen. My mod just have an System.out.println("Hello World"); in the onInit() Event Here's my mod
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