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  1. The NEI API is documented and should be sufficient. Look at the API class to see where to start. If that's not enough take a look at another open-source mod that implements this feature, and see how it does it.
  2. Looks like an ID conflict: Long story short, update to 1.7.10
  3. Both 1.7 an 1.8 have almost complete mappings, just use the daily snapshots. I haven't encountered any bug or glitch that makes 1.6.4 better than either of those versions. There is nothing but performance improvements in the newer version, I haven't experienced any framerate drops.
  4. World as in server/thing you click in the world selection menu.
  5. 1. Use the item's onUpdate method, since you're checking for your item 2. Don't use LivingUpdateEvent for players, the PlayerTickEvent is for that.
  6. ID's don't change per world. So if you have to store something in one world that will never need to interact with another world, use block and item IDs. The preferable method, however, is to get the names of Items and Blocks from the Item and Block registries respectively.
  7. Just a bit of a tip - you can use newer mcp mappings to get better naming. Nearly everything has been named by now in the daily snapshots.
  8. First of all, why is your damage variable static? Read up on what static means. Next, where do you call changeDamage()?
  9. The Block Registry is exactly what you should be using. Block.getBlockFromName uses the block registry itself.
  10. You posted the same class for your TileEntity, Block, Gui and Container...
  11. Access Control in Java Stack Overflow Question with user responses Java Support Forum
  12. One of your mods is missing a dependency. I suggest going through all your mods' main forum posts/websites and reading to make sure you have all dependencies downloaded.
  13. I believe the user is now 'MCPBot_Reborn'
  14. I certainly haven't been. It's a 1:1 input:output in terms of ItemStacks. Kind of like the furnace. Stack of A becomes a Stack of B, so I've just been storing it as a HashTable<ItemStack,ItemStack>. This is exactly why support for every individual mod is needed to do something like this. Off-topic: Any reason you're using a HashTable over a HashMap?
  15. The only reason NEI is able to do that, is because those mod authors integrate with NEI by using the NEI API and creating their own 'plugins'. Perhaps if there was a standardised IMachine interface this would be possible (obviously with the interface intended for TileEntities), however then you get the problem of getting the list of recipes back in that method, since not every mod keeps their recipes stored as IRecipe. I suggest getting all the APIs and/or dev versions of the mods, and simply integrating with each one individually.
  16. These are all problems with the MorePlayerModels mod. Report to the mod author.
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