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  1. This is a pretty old post but I'm responding since it might be useful for others. Also I'm not sure what your question is, but I'm assuming you want to know how to handle this. In the server.properties file in the run directory of your server there's a line which controls the maximum amount of time a tick can take before the server shuts down. The line is max-tick-time (near the top of the file at the time of writing). Increase it's value to something more reasonable for debugging.
  2. Hi. I have a model which is separated into two json files, one is static and the other one is animated. I'm having trouble with the animation (which is just a rotation around the y-axis in this case). The approach I'm using now is to animate it by providing a TRSRTransformation with a Matrix4f which represents the rotation. The animation kind of works bit the individual elements of the json file are distorted, as if their faces are animated separately but wrong. The code of the renderTileEntityFast: final BlockPos pos = te.getPos(); final IBlockState state
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