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  1. Hello. I want to expand view-distance to have possibility to view gigantic buildings at a whole on my server. Also I don't want to increase load on my server. Is it possible to load and send far distance chunks to client without "ticking" them afterwards? So I want to implement somehow my imaginary options "tick-distance" and "client-distance". I'm not familiar with chunk loading nitty-gritty details, so I have no idea how to implement this. The only thing I can come up with is hooking into tickBlockEntities/tickNonPassenger and skipping tick call for (block)entities that is far enough from player. Also I found ticketing concept related to chunk loading. I'm not fully understand it, but at first glance, assigning load level 33 to far away chunks should be enough to achieve my goal. I could make PR if this feature fits well into forge itself. But I need understand if this ever possible.
  2. ...and third intermediary mod with shared code . Differentiation by sourceSets is enough for me.
  3. No. Client side collect information and send it to the server. Server side check that data and make decisions. Pure client side checks easy to bypass and because of that I need different code on client and server.
  4. ReobfTask have special method that add jar file to processing queue. So I simply use it in my task and work is done: Now about reasons. 1. This mod intended to use only by sole private minecraft server. There is no problems with distribution because there is no distribution at all. 2. Mod implements anti-cheat and other security measures. There is no reasons to expose security check details to the client side.
  5. Now your project fails to build due to compilation errors. Correct them first and I try one more time.
  6. Try to update jdk and/or gradle. On gradle 4.2.1 and jdk 1.8.0u131 there are only two warnings that do not abrupt build:
  7. If I say about reasons, then I'm afraid I will not get an answer to the question, since the discussion will shift in a completely different area. We may discuss the reasons for this architecture later, when I get an answer to my question.
  8. Hello. For some reasons I need to make distinct jar files for server and client. And I choose to split code into two source sets (main and client). So there is my gradle.build file: Task dependency order seems to be correct: But client jar is not passed to reobf task and I can't find how to do this. Any suggestions?
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