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  1. In your OreGeneration class, add a field that holds your own feature instance private static final YourOreFeature END_OREGEN = new YourOreFeature(); And then use that instead of Feature.ORE like this: Biomes.THE_END.addFeature(GenerationStage.Decoration.UNDERGROUND_DECORATION, Biome.createDecoratedFeature(END_OREGEN, new OreFeatureConfig( ...
  2. p_207803_1_ is worldIn now, so if (worldIn.getBlockState(blockpos$mutableblockpos).getBlock() == Blocks.END_STONE) should work
  3. Instead of Feature.ORE pass in an instance of your own ore feature class.
  4. I have never used NetBeans before, so no idea how source attachments work there. However, there should be some way to specify the location of the sources. The file is called something like forge-1.14.2-26.0.13_mapped_snapshot_20190609-1.14.2-sources.jar Anyway, I recommend using an IDE with gradle integration (for example IntelliJ), because it can automatically attach the sources.
  5. Unfortunately, because FillerBlockType is an Enum, the only way to do this at the moment (or at least the only one I know) is to create your own class extending OreFeature Then override func_207803_a copy it and in there, replace if (p_207803_3_.target.func_214738_b().test(p_207803_1_.getBlockState(blockpos$mutableblockpos))) { ... with something that checks for end stone, or whatever your ore should spawn in, like this: if (p_207803_1_.getBlockState(blockpos$mutableblockpos).getBlock() == Blocks.END_STONE) { ...
  6. 1. Normally you should never need to open a .class file, only .java files. 2. How did you setup your workspace, what IDE are you using?
  7. What do you mean by "compiled" code? The java bytecode? Why?
  8. Update to 1.14.3 and use the latest mcp snapshot to get up to date mappings. Also, it takes time until all the fields and methods get named, 1.14 is relatively new. Edit: And yes, Forge still uses MCP internally to provide names in development environment.
  9. Just add -g /.gradle to your gradle command, for example gradlew setupDecompWorkspace -g /.gradle
  10. After running gradlew setupDecompWorkspace you need to run gradlew eclipse to prepare the eclipse project.
  11. You need an empty constructor in your TileEntity class. You currently only have public TileEntityNetIn(int maxTransfer) { this.maxTrans = maxTransfer; } just add public TileEntityNetIn() { }
  12. I created a simple GuiList for my mod some time ago, it is based on the vanilla Gui classes. Maybe it helps. github
  13. 1. What do you mean by "using the command"? Are you trying to create a command? 2. What do you mean by "a player who hits with his hand"? A player who is interacting with something? Please explain what you are trying to archieve.
  14. You could create a pull request on Forge's github if you really need this hook/event. Here you can find information about pull requests.
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