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  1. The Cooking Pot doesn't work at the moment, however the currently broken clawshot will be fixed in about a month (I'm currently doing my final exams). Besides that the release version on minecraft curseforge is working without major issues. The only issue currently listed on the page which might be a problem hasn't been reproduced by me so far, it might be related to changes in the latest forge build for 1.12, I use the recommended version for development.
  2. Maybe try looking at shield_blocking.json or try applying the patches in your ClientProxy which should be Client-only, however note that any change to these should also be done in Client-only classes/methods
  3. Just add a propertyOverride to your Item and change the position that way
  4. After a recommendation to use 1.15.2-31.1.46 as it has newer mappings I've tried to update my project, which on syncing yields this: Also the dependencies didn't update. After some tries to fix this I tried with a clean project as extracted from the zip. Which yielded the same result. Am I missing something? (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, seems like a gradle error to me though. However I'm not very experienced with Gradle so I could be wrong)
  5. go to C:/Users/*username*/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods and put it in there (you might need to create the folder mods) To get there fast use %appdata% (all assuming you're using Windows)
  6. That'S a bummer as the approach via json multipart doesn't seem to accept any translation whatsoever for the item model. So either one of us finds out how to do BakedModels or I'll use the TESR for now as it doesn't crash or hinder the game it's just flooding the console (Nice time finding errors with that)
  7. Just as a note I might come back to this later when updating my mod linked in my signature with tileentities and containers as there is a similar block with finite amount of rotations (2) and rescales (2) but infinite amount of items, which means I'll probably need a fix for the TESR issue anyways
  8. The correct way to do this is to override Block::getRenderLayer and return BlockRenderLayer.CUTOUT_MIPPED Yeah found that already, as I said I'm still mostly thinking in how it would working 1.12, I know bad practice and all. Thanks for your help!
  9. Which IntelliJ version are you using as I had some issues with Gradle and IntelliJ today as well with 1.12 Forge though? Also before modderators hop in and tell me don't hijack other people's posts, I was able to fix my issue by using an older version of IntelliJ again (sweet old 2017.3 I used before updating, 2017.3 doesn't work well with 1.14 though. Just something to note)
  10. Worst case I'll make a new model file just to align this.
  11. Now this has two problems: The Item is rendered in the center of the block, however I'd need it to be 0.3 higher The Item is rendered without transparency (I guess overwrite Block::isOpaqueCube or 1.14 equivalent, sorry still mostly thinking in 1.12 methods) Would you know how to solve the first one?
  12. I think I understand I'll report back if there are any problems
  13. Probably making your own version of it and overriding the vanilla one with it (use same registry name)
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