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    Optimists say the glass is half full, pessimists say the glass is half empty, computer scientists say the glass is twice as large as necessary, but I say the glass is only an illusion in your head created by this piece of text!

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  1. I was just doing random stuff in hope that fixes it and apperently running gradlew build helped. It failed, but apperently got far enough for the normal sync to be able to skip the erroring merge step
  2. Hi guys, I was trying to switch over to the new Forge version, but suddenly importing the .gradle failed. We were previously on 24.0.184 and the switched to 25.0.22 Everyone else was able to successfully import the gradle project, except me. What I've tried: run clean task delete project .gradle dir delete project .gradle dir and user .gradle dir clone the repo down and delete all dir'S try to refresh Resources only buildscript { repositories { maven { url = 'https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven' } jcenter
  3. Ah Lex changed something - I would need to recompile, but no need for that... Thanks Lex
  4. As of the most recent changes to forge - this is no longer necessary (I jus took a look at it again, and after pulling from forge again, their changes to the build.gradle resolved this - ForgeGradle is now reachable without compiling it manually (though it took me a few min to realize that, after the changes my manually compiled ForgeGradle didn't do it's job any longer, but switching back to the normal maven dep. works now)) Edit: I just noticed, that changes were applied on Saturday evening (my time) and a few hours ago - It might very well already have worked if I tried aga
  5. So this means, that what I did is ok? (Should I include what exactly is necessary to get ForgeGradle 3 running?)
  6. I just tested out, that manually compiling ForgeGradle and then adding required dependencies to the build classpath, as defined in the ForgeGradle build.gradle works
  7. Hello guys, so I just intended to start working on my PR for #5060 but when trying to setup a new workspace on my from 1.13-pre pulled 1.13 branch I ran into the following error; FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring root project 'Forge'. > Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ':classpath'. > Could not find any version that matches net.minecraftforge.gradle:ForgeGradle:3.+. Versions that do not match: - 2.3-SNAPSHOT - 2.2-SNAPSHOT - 2.1-SNAPSHOT - 2.0.2 - 2.0.1 - + 16
  8. Honestly fox - If you're already porting code, then you could do it completly. And evaluating a scale isn't hard math... float scale = desiredSize/Math.max(height,width); Will scale it down to desired size (I'm unsure which one's your problem, or if you're maybe rotating it, so it supports both height and width (cause it's 3 dimensional you propably want to take z-axis in account to... I haven't put much thought into it) ) .
  9. The whole problem is, that I can't discuss about my own issue, because I can't see the source code - other people seem to have magically seen the tag system code and therefore tell me what I can or cannot do, though I'd prefer to judge by myself... Additionally I won't have much time when 1.13-Forge rolls out (presuming it comes in October or later), which is why I'd like to take some notes - I'd then only have to program them through as soon as there's some code to PR to, instead of first having to find out how the tag system works (That will take me propably the most time, which is why
  10. So I've opened an issue to extend the Tag System to cover Forge Registries and am willing to PR that. Unfortunatly I have no idea what the 1.13 source code looks like (especially the tag system) and all my current information is based on guesses I made on comments in the the linked issue. This naturally leads to me not being able to make any informed comments, particularly since my knowledge on forge consists mostly of how to use it and not how it works. As a result I was trying to find ways to take a look at 1.13 source code (or the unstable 1.13 forge Wyn-Price suggested exists out there, th
  11. I just remembered, that there currently is a PR addressing that...
  12. We could f. e. make the ItemExpireEvent a subclass of this new ItemDeathEvent, which would in turn be a subclass of ItemEvent
  13. I would prefer the more genereic ItemDeath Variant... And then specify wheather it burned in Lava, fire, or something custom...
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