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  1. I just found out for 'EntityPlayerSP.sendQueue' is now 'EntityPlayerSP.connection', and that 'addToSendQueue' is now 'sendPacket'. I don't understand where the isUsingItem() boolean method has gone off though. I would greatly appreciate any help
  2. Thank you for your assistance! I have another question. Currently, I am trying to reference 'EntityPlayer' and 'EntityPlayerSP'. This is the code for 1.8.9: protected final net.minecraft.client.entity.EntityPlayerSP player; if (player.isUsingItem()) { // do something } // elsewhere in code if (player.movementInput.jump) { player.sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new CPacketEntityAction(...)); } This approach, however, doesn't seem to contain the either sendQueue or isUsingItem. I tried checking around for any other ItemStack objects (for isUsingItem), and found itemStackMainHand, however this doesn't sound like what I would want. Would you know what fields they are now?
  3. I found the solution. Use new TextComponentString("YourTextGoesHere"); I cannot find out how to format in colours however.
  4. I am trying to update my mod for 1.9.4. I have a class whose method returned ChatComponentText. I am aware this no longer exists, and haven't been able to find any working alternatives. Here is the return statement: new ChatComponentText(EnumChatFormatting.RED + "[" + EnumChatFormatting.AQUA + "MyText" + EnumChatFormatting.GRAY + "] " + EnumChatFormatting.RED)).getChatComponentText_TextValue() Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?
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