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  1. I need access to Instrumentation for a specific library I am planning to use, however I have no idea how I'd let forge know that this is what I want. I can't go into user profiles and modify the jvm arguments to have a -javaagent flag, so what exactly can I do?
  2. This isn't even the right website for this kind of question, yet people still tried to help you. Multiple people have made it clear that this is likely an issue with your DNS. You can restart your router, restart your pc, flush your dns, change it to another, more well-known provider, or check to make sure it isn't blocked via some firewall. Instead of being so rude towards the people who have tried to help, maybe you should try solving the problem using the information given.
  3. I just restarted my IDE and everything decided to work fine. I just had to fix an issue with `MISSING REPLACEMENT DATA FOR RUN_DIR`, which was fixed by adding `runDir = "run"` into the `minecraft` area.
  4. Normally when you start minecraft (usually through the generated run configurations), your mcmod.info will contain stuff like `${version}` and `${mcversion}`. While I am aware that these will be fixed when actually building the code (processResources is called), I want to be able to run them in addition to my `replaceIn` and `replace` snippets before being able to test. Obviously the generated configurations will not have this happen. I considered runClient, and for a while it actually used to work, but now it no longer works, and I am at a loss. Additionally, while `processResources` works pe
  5. @SubscribeEvent public void onTick(TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent event) { if (event.phase != TickEvent.Phase.START) return; // see EntityPlayer.onUpdate if (event.player instanceof EntityPlayerSP) { final EntityPlayerSP player = (EntityPlayerSP) event.player; if (player.world.getCollidingBoundingBoxes(player, player.getEntityBoundingBox().addCoord(player.motionX, player.motionY, player.motionZ)).isEmpty()) { player.jump(); } } } I wanted to be able to extend the functionality of AutoJump, by adding a feature which would make the player jump if they reached the end of a block. I
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark
  7. I've solved the issue. For future reference, the safest thing to do (to avoid any formatting problems), is to simply create multiple TextComponentStrings, then appendSibling them to your main TextComponentString: TextComponentString parent = new TextComponentString(""); parent.appendSibling(new TextComponentString("blah blah").setChatStyle(new ChatStyle().setColor(TextFormatting.BLUE))); parent.appendSibling(new TextComponentString("foo bar").setChatStyle(new ChatStyle().setColor(TextFormatting.RED))); mc.ingameGUI.getChatGUI().printChatMessage(parent); Will show up in chat as:
  8. I want to create a chat message with a specific format: The problem is, I see no way to do this in a TextComponentString by default. I can only add one message, and only set it's color at one place. Is it possible to do what I want to do above?
  9. I can't seem to figure this out. Originally I thought EntityPlayerSP was simply your client-sided player, while EntityPlayerMP was just any other player connected to your server, but I don't think this is right, considering there is also an EntityOtherPlayerMP, which indicates that it would be the other players on your server. What are they exactly? When are they applied?
  10. Perhaps it's my code's fault, because LivingHurtEvent does not fire while on a multiplayer world, even for myself. While I can understand that LivingHurtEvent on EntityLIvingBase wouldn't normally fire because I don't have direct access to all the players on the server, I was hoping the event in EntityPlayer would fire for myself. Is this even possible for me to do? Relevant code: @SubscribeEvent public void onLivingHurt(LivingHurtEvent event) { if (event.getEntity().getName().equals(mc.player.getName()) { // the player has been hurt doSomething(); } }
  11. I've been trying to get find an event which fires when the player get's hurt, that is, our current player. I've tried LivingHurtEvent, but it doesn't seem to even fire on a multiplayer world. What event can I use for this?
  12. I think it's possibly related to Optifine. What version are you using? Can you reinstall the latest version of optifine?
  13. The update for 1.13 is being worked on, but there is no release date for it yet. (12/20/18 Update): The goal is to have a working build available by New Years. Updates to a new version of Minecraft take a lot of work, so please be patient. (12/20/18 Update): In addition, the Dev team has taken this opportunity to update and retool right down to FML. This means making things more future-proof, partly by cleaning out/replacing a TON of legacy code that has been there since the early days and is showing its age. Please refrain from making "is it done yet?" thread
  14. Do you want the proper, renamed fields? Set up a decompWorkspace then. Currently, you're using the searge names, which are something like field_*****, param_*****, or method_*****.
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