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  1. Hello. I have problem. As you can see from topic theme. I have issue with RAM allocated to minecraft. I dont know is it right forum thread, sorry if Im wrong. So - I use method to allocate memory from topminecraftskins and it was work site for a years. But now i use windows 10 x64 and this method not work! I have only 512Mb of memory. And I need at least 2Gb. Do you know the way how to make it in other way? Thank you!
  2. I have some skins, but here is two thet I want to use now. But I do not know how to choose. help me please How I can add PIC here??? Here is the first Second one Please give me your help)
  3. No 1.7.1 is not supported now.
  4. Thank you! I kept thinking, Why does the spoiler is not work?
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