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  1. thanks, using the registry events fixed my issue dont know why i didnt use them in the first place, as for using forges update checker, dont know if its possible but i wanted 1 json file for all my mods that why wrote my own update checker, nothing like forges update checker that allows for a change log and stuff just very simple for multiple mods in 1 file
  2. Just added a update checker to my library mod and now when the game loads up i see this output in my console, anyone have any idea whats causing it or how to fix it? Adding break points and bit of debugging shows its related to registry names on my items but i haven't changed them at all and was not getting this before i added my update checker [14:30:52] [main/INFO]: Potentially Dangerous alternative prefix `crafthorsearmor` for name `horse_armor`, expected `apexcore`. This could be a intended override, but in most cases indicates a broken mod. Source Code
  3. Yeah thanks for the tip, ended making pre-colored textures for leather armor and all possible colors, which means you cant mix 2 colors together like you can with leather (player) armor (can dye red + blue to get mixed color) which is what i was trying to go for, unless i can figure out a way to GlStateManager#color() (tinting) without it affecting the actual model and only armor layer looks like it has to be hard coded still better than nothing though
  4. im not rendering the armor im creating a horse armor type which takes in a texture file and the EntityHorse renderer renders the armor as a "variant" the same way vanilla armor is rendered thought since the rendering is done in class "net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderHorse" only way to override the color was to color in the event, trying to figure out a way to color in the event only when its rendering the armor layer EDIT: net.minecraft.entity.passive.HorseArmorType#getTextureName() net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityHorse#setHorseTexturePaths() | this.horseTexturesArray[2] == armor_texture net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity#getEntityTexture(EntityHorse) // Returns a LayeredTexture instance which holds the horse texture, variant texture and armor texture to be rendered RenderLiving then from what i can see renders the model and texture, so i dont really see a way to hook into that function to tint the armor other than in the event
  5. I've created my horse armor and it all works well and good with horses but im trying to make it dye able, got the recipes down and the rendering is sorta working, but when i try to "tint" the armor to render the different colors it also tints the horses model textures. Does anyone know a way to tint my horse armor without it modifying the horse model. The way i am tinting the armor is during the render event RenderLivingEvent.Pre<EntityHorse> Code for tinting model, Works but majorly messes with horse model and tints it
  6. BUMP Made a simple video explain the issues im having, dependencies for mods that require my core mod never actualy get the api module from my core mod, want to add another mod later dow nthe line gotta reset up my entire workspace and dependencies
  7. see i tried that but idea had issues with modules and not picking up correct src folders had to go in and manually specify dependencies and src folders which is what i thought gradle is meant to do for me
  8. BUMP no one knows of a tutorial? or could point me in right direction?
  9. Is there a tutorial out there to setup a proper multi project work space with intelij? I know how to setup a single project work space but when it comes to dev'ing multiple mods ive had issues where i need to run setDecomp per mod or where i have root folder with build gradle and mods with sub gradle files but that messes up dependencies and i have to go in and add forge src and GradleStart manually every time i have tried to create multi project i have 1 or all of these issues had to have all mods depend on 1 core mod, external mods don't load, external mods load but cant access api, crashes in cmd saying unknown project, intelij cant pick up other local mod assets etc just cant seem to get multi project to work with forge gradle basically is there a tutorial out there to setup my build gradle file properly to work with multiple mods? trying to get a setup something similar to this, doesn't have to be exact but would like each mod to be able to depend on each other interchangeably and any external mod Root[1.12.2]/ build.gradle settings.gradle build/ <output_of_classes> run/ <mc_run_dir> Mod A/ build.gradle src depends on nothing Mod B/ build.gradle src depends on Mod A Mod C/ build.gradle src depends on Mod B and not Mod A external mods JEI, Tinkers Construct Mod D/ build.gradle src depends on nothing external mods JEI, Thermal Expansion
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