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  1. SOLVED: Dont know how or what changed but it randomly started working, only thing ive changed is method is now static, but that didnt seem to fix it for a min, but it now works randomly lol
  2. EDIT: Making the method static didnt work either, for both methods of registering event handler
  3. Could anyone tell me why this event is not firing? Im wanting to modify and add a button to a gui, which i know how to do in 1.7.10 but 1.12.2 the method i use doesnt seem to work ive tried using both the Mod.EventBusSubscriber annotation and manually registering in mods preInit the System.out never prints Using System.out as a test, was using my logger but that wasnt printing so changed to System.out to see if my logger wasnt working but that wasnt the case @Mod.EventHandler public final void onFMLPreInitializationEvent(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { logger = event.getModLog(); GuiEventHandler eventHandler = new GuiEventHandler(); FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(event); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(event); }
  4. Thanks for the link, fixed my issue
  5. thats the version of Java i use, tried updating to Java 9 to see if that would fix it and it didnt, also tried reinstalling my Java 8, nothing seems to fix it
  6. Recently ive had this really weird issue with my Java when trying to setup a dev environment with idea and gradle. When ever idea tries to import changes made to the build.gradle and sync the workspace it errors out saying could not get std handle. Dont know whats causing this, using same JDK install as ive always used, ive tried reinstalling Java and even updating to Java 9 JDK but nothing seems to fix it. Ive tried many different Minecraft versions from 1.7.10 upto 1.10 as well cant seem what causing it If anyone could point me in the right direction to whats causing it and fix it, that would be greatly appreciated. Could not start 'D:\Program Files\Java\jdk-9.0.4\bin\java.exe': could not get std handle (errno 6)
  7. I added SideOnly just to be safe anyways, better safe than sorry
  8. what arguments does `ModelResourceLocation` take? i see a `ResourceLocation` which i assume is the registry name of my block / item but what do i put in variant?
  9. Been a while since i modded minecraft and coming back to it a lot has changed since 1.7.10, i've been able to get my custom item and block to register using the new registry events the blocks in world texture even loads but none of my textures load when in my inventory, weird thing is i get no errors when game loads so i feel like i've done nothing wrong if anyone could let me know what i've done wrong to make my items / blocks in inventory not load there textures that would be very helpful In Game screenshot Src - Workspace Log
  10. After abit of google'ing i got my build.gradle file to do what i want (mix of old gradle fiiles before i quit modding and what i just searched) Gradle files This sets up my workspace fully for me all in 1 build.gradle file, all mods depend on forge stuff and my 'Core' mod *Please note i tested this on 1.7.10 since that was the last version i modded and want to try it with something im some what familiar with* Ive looked at that and i dont rly want to run 'gradle setupDevWorkspace' in all my mod folders, main reason why im making this post isnt there any way using the 'dependencies {}' part of the 'build.gradle' file to make it depend on my 'CoreMod'? (if there is I would just do the same to make 'Mod C' depend on 'Mod A' right?) build.gradle This goes in the @Mod annotation mcmod.info I assume you mean like that? Thanks i was also about to ask how does one do dependencies again in @Mod
  11. Ive looked at that and i dont rly want to run 'gradle setupDevWorkspace' in all my mod folders, main reason why im making this post isnt there any way using the 'dependencies {}' part of the 'build.gradle' file to make it depend on my 'CoreMod'? (if there is I would just do the same to make 'Mod C' depend on 'Mod A' right?)
  12. Do not make coremods -.- thats not what you think is a 'CoreMod' its what all my mods require like 'iChunUtil' 'CoFHCore' 'CodeChickenLib' etc but ye I guess calling it a CoreMod is wrong, no base Minecraft edits
  13. So im looking to get back into Minecraft Modding but dont know how to setup my build.gradle files Want to layout my workspace like below, I havnt used gradle ever (I left Minecraft Modding just after gradle was added, between 1.6.4 and 1.7.10) If anyone watches iChun's Dev streams (if he even still does them) this layout is kinda like how his is Anyone know of a good tutorial or way that will make gradle set up my workspace how I want it -------------------------------------------------------------- Workspace -¬ CoreMod -¬ Can have deps that children can access Src/Main/Java_Resources -¬ Mod A -¬ Requires Core Mod Src/Main/Java_Resources -¬ Mod B -¬ Requires Core Mod Src/Main/Java_Resources -¬ Mod C (Mainly for testing if a API / Impl works) -¬ Requires Core Mod Requires Mod A Src/Main/Java_Resources -¬ Run -¬ Clients / Servers run from here (Layout eg: 'Run/saves') --------------------------------------------------------------
  14. *BUMP* So ive done more work on my grid system and no one has replied i guess im alone on this then or no one knows how to make a grid system (but someone must know as their are already mods with pipes)
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