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  1. forge includes all modloader features too (afaik). you can use mc forge instead of modloader. i have forge without modloader installed and smart moving works fine.
  2. here: http://lexmanos.no-ip.org:8080/job/Forge/.
  3. well, i deactivated the 3 shader mods because they caused crashed ingame, too. it works fine now. --> mc forge is incompatible with sonic ethers unbelieveable shaders (magic launcher edition)
  4. my minecraft.jar-mods: (in magic-launcher-order) -minecraftforge-client- -CodeChickenCore-Client 0.5.2.zip -NotEnoughItems-Client 1.2.2.zip -OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_MT_C2.zip -Daxnitro's Shader Core M [1.2.5].zip -Sonic Ether's Shader [ultra DOF] [1.2.5].zip -Sonic Ether's Shader [No Waving Objects] [1.2.5].zip -myzomepack.zip (Zombe's Modpack; including only the class files for fly and info) -MC 1.2.5 - Player API client 1.3.zip -Smart Moving Client for Modloader.zip all this happens when i click onto the Minecraft Forge-entry in the mod-list-gui, so i post it here.
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