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  1. 100% sure all world generation events get loaded in FMLCommonSetupEvent. Try moving FantasyOreGen.generateOre() into setup in Main. Works for me with my custom structure generation.
  2. This is in vanilla Minecraft; simply F5 and you can see your invisible avatar.
  3. On a side note, Orespawn isn't even for Minecraft anymore; it's for a game called DangerZone.
  4. The crafting breaks and is unusable, however the gui is fine.
  5. Recipes is the correct spelling. You even spelled it right in your topic.
  6. Hello all. I have a Container that functions similarly to a crafting table; however, you craft things using Matter. There is a problem. You can only craft once, and after that, the container becomes unusable until the game is restarted (See attachment). Honestly, I've been working at this for hours on end, and I haven't got anywhere. ContainerAssembler.java InventoryMatter.java SlotAssembler.java GuiAssembler.java (probably the most pointless one to showcase) 4377fd8c02b12b65a948b50343a821d5.mp4
  7. Hi everyone. I am making a mod where there is a block that can "mask" itself so that people can't find it. However, I cannot seem to get the code to work, no matter how hard I try. I have tried a TileEntitySpecialRenderer , however this wouldn't work, I also have tried storing the blockstate and simply returning the blockstate in the tileentity in getExtendedState() and getActualState() , but nothing works. I don't understand why. A little help would help me greatly. TileEntity: Block:
  8. It remembers which furnace it originally built when building a house. When the original furnace is destroyed, it seeks a new one and sets that one as it's furnace.
  9. When I try to extract an item from a furnace, the furnace is broken. Not like glitched broken, but like survival player mines the block broken. Here is my code: @Override public void updateTask() { if (soldier.wantsToGoTo != BlockPos.NULL_VECTOR) { soldier.getNavigator().tryMoveToXYZ(soldier.wantsToGoTo.getX(), soldier.wantsToGoTo.getY(), soldier.wantsToGoTo.getZ(), speedIn); double distance = soldier.getPosition().getDistance(soldier.wantsToGoTo.getX(), soldier.wantsToGoTo.getY(), soldier.wantsToGoTo.getZ()); if (distance < 5) { TileEntityFurnace furnace = so
  10. I think I may have done something completely wrong: @Override public boolean shouldExecute() { boolean output = false; BlockPos position = soldier.getPosition(); for (int i = position.getX() + 2; i > position.getX() - 2; i--) { for (int j = position.getZ() + 2; i > position.getZ() - 2; j--) { for (int k = position.getY() + 2; i > position.getY() - 2; k--) { BlockPos foundBlockPos = new BlockPos(i + position.getX(), k + position.getY(), j + position.getZ()); if (world.getBlockState(foundBlockPos).equals(stateToFind)) { output = true; sold
  11. I have an entity that tries to find a block, in this case wood, to mine and use for other purposes. I thought of checking every single block in a 5x5x5* area (above ground), but I quickly noticed it would slow my game to a snail's pace. How could I optimize my block-checking? EDIT: *4x4x4
  12. I recommend this tutorial. It doesn't go extremely in-depth into the programming, and it usually assumes that you will find some stuff out on your own, but I find it's a useful tutorial series for me.
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