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  1. http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/job/forge/213/ Grab #213 http://calclavia.com/icbm/?page=downloads Grab ICBM v0.5.1 http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,61.0.html Grab UE 0.5.1 Put UE & ICBM in the mods folder and Forge in the .jar By the way, this only happens on a server so DL and install those onto a quick server and join, then basically rapidly break/place blocks and jump around, I find that going into creative and flying is what usually trips it. thankz for the help boo
  2. ok install UE 1.5 icbm for ue 1.5 and blastcraft and also on the server the same with fogre build #213 just fly/walk aroound placing the mod blocks and i get this error some users as dark said crash on join
  3. I still get this error and im using #213 UE V5.1 Blastcraft 0.1 it only happens when im going fast and placing blocks here is the crash if you need it http://pastebin.com/8sCgrikQ
  4. OvermindDL1 is there ment to be a mod_ModLoaderMp in the minecraft.jar i thought forge caused a crash if it found mod_ModLoaderMp.class
  5. try a fresh install and follow the install steps of the mod and also can i have a link to the mod so i can see which one you are using
  6. beet me to it Edit : try putting the pokeball mod in to the .minecraft/mods folder
  7. did you try to install modloadermp because forge has a much better one built in and modloadermp is outdated
  8. ok i have had a look and changed it to what i think is correct but it gives an error in the Compactor manager this is my code it give the error at this section of code if (var12.matches(par1InventoryCrafting)) { return var12.getCraftingResult(par1InventoryCrafting); } do i need to make my own IRecipe?
  9. ok i have the recipe list, the manager ,inventory,inv result i want to make it so that when i put a certain recipe in the compactor it shows but all i have at the moment is a blank useless crafting gui inside the compactor what i want to know is how would i register the recipe's to the compactor like make the crafting result display when you put a defined recipe in
  10. How would i add crafting recipes to a custom crafting table
  11. I must be making a stupid mistake, having never used Git, but how do I check those out using eGit in Eclipse? I've tried using import > Git then entering http://github.com/cow/compactsolars as the URI but I'm getting a 301 error. do you mean http://github.com/cpw/compactsolars not http://github.com/cow/compactsolars
  12. I am trying to create a custom crafting table that will allow you to make the blocks from my mod such as Blast wall i have got the code from the vanilla workbench to try and learn from it and see what i need but i can not get the GUI to open on the block here is my code i am wondering if i am missing any classes hope you can help me
  13. i have all ready got this code for client but cant find/make a version for server side ModLoader.setInGameHook(this, true, false); ModLoader.setInGUIHook(this, true, false); public boolean onTickInGame(float f, Minecraft minecraft) { if(minecraft.currentScreen == null) { creativeInventory = null; } return true; } public boolean onTickInGUI(float f, Minecraft minecraft, GuiScreen guiscreen) { if((guiscreen instanceof GuiContainerCreative) && !(creativeInventory instanceof GuiContainerCreative) && !minecraft.theWorld.isRemote) { Container container = ((GuiContainer)guiscreen).inventorySlots; List list = ((ContainerCreative)container).itemList; int i = 0; list.add(new ItemStack(sandbag, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(blastglass, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(barbedwire, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(blastwall, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(blaststairs, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(blastslab, 1, i)); list.add(new ItemStack(lamp, 1, i)); } creativeInventory = guiscreen; return true; } private static GuiScreen creativeInventory;
  14. recompile then run getchangedsrc then copy and paste it in to the repo folder on your pc and then use then use git gui and then Stage Changed then commit and then go under the remote tag and push it to origin or use ctrl p if it syas the repo is behind go under the remote tab and Fetch From origin then do the above
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