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  1. I try to assume more clearer. Liahim want to set custom implementation of baked model for some item. This item dont have base json model. Missing of json model is desirable behavior. And he ask: how to remove warnings from log?
  2. I recently noticed that files.minecraftforge.net are uses http and some concerned about this: downloading files via http is not safe, because content can be replaced in the middle of the path from the server to the client Now I noticed that site are uses https and all fine: https://files.minecraftforge.net/ But first link in google search with http! Maybe you do not tune webserver correctly? Also in a EAQ uses http links: Plz, fix it. Thx
  3. Did anyone found how to port IWorldGenerator to Feature? I still wander in the dark. Help plz
  4. @Womas what's version are you use?
  5. Also actual example for publiched version is https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Scorge/tree/3e870dc5c1d4da88cd781a6f329878208023d0a8/example
  6. Where I can get version of Scorge? https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Scorge/blob/1.14.x/example/build.gradle#L58 3.0 is not work ~~~ Solved, look versions at https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/Scorge/index_default.html
  7. How to? I found Scorge but it have not example or docs
  8. What are any ways to add custom vertex data into chunks rendering data?
  9. Ok, step by step. Abstractly, ok? I have some render code in RenderWorldLastEvent handler. It render dependent on some my state(mutable variable, as example). It state can change only with changing blocks in chunk. So render can change only with changing blocks in chunk too. Therefore I want to bake it render in chunk like baked blocks models. In version 1.7.10 it may be implement by using RenderWorldEvent, because it event fire before and after chunks render and baked with him Plz, tell me moment with which it is not clear
  10. Yes, but it are not provide way to bake custom render to chunk
  11. Yeah, it may useful for accept water in nether
  12. Yeah, I see it now, sorry. But it's not have mention to concrete classes(like ReplaceBiomeBlocks?). Logic of vaporizing located in ItemBucket, so generated water can be keep, but players can't add more water
  13. Why noone do not suggest to use implementation IWorldGenerator for replace all generated lava? It's may be lagged?
  14. Try to check `Minecraft.getInstance().gameSettings.keyBindSneak.isPressed()` for choose what are show in tooltip
  15. @RonMine plz, show blockstate and model json of your block. It seems that you forgot "inventory" variant of blockstate.
  16. It's very easy! Some geometry: In general it will be similar: String text = "something"; int objectWidth=fontRenderer.getStringWidth(text); int screenWidth=Minecraft.getInstance().mainWindow.getWidth(); fontRenderer.drawString(text, screenWidth/2-objectWidth/2, 10); //we can optimize division: fontRenderer.drawString(text, (screenWidth-objectWidth)/2, 10);
  17. In version 1.7.10 exists RenderWorldEvent: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/blob/1.7.10/src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/client/event/RenderWorldEvent.java Event handling of this can be used for bake some world chunks render Any ways for analogue in new versions? Something about my task: I have RenderWorldLastEvent handler with some world rendering which do not change until next chunk rebuild(like until blocks change). And I think that may be good idea that bake it render in chunk like block render Thx for answers in advance)
  18. I and my friend want to make some features for forge. First question we encountered is "what actual version?" Now 1.12.x and 1.13.x developing activly. Thx for answers in advance)
  19. I'm need to make my model dependent on 256! variants, overmore I'm dont use block states because my model intended not for my blocks What cases of this? Also I'm dont store coordinates, they used one time For get possible to change models of blocks with depend of coordinates
  20. Solved) package net.minecraftforge.client.model.pipeline; public class BlockInfoLense { public static BlockInfo get(VertexLighterFlat v) { return v.blockInfo; } }
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