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  1. Also, I've took your suggestion, and found the blocks and items that previously were generated are removed despite me having an internal ordering system for registering blocks. Is there anyway that I can translate mod ids for worlds that are already are using the mod, or is it going to be a start from scratch situation?
  2. I haven't be able to run into the issue using the minecraft launcher, but I does occur when running on Technic. I have the same exact mods on both launchers, and running the same version of minecraft( I'm just going to chock this up to the gods punishing me for my coding transgressions.
  3. Okay was this running in forge or under eclipse/intellij? Also, if I cant use com.cilka. then what should I use?
  4. https://github.com/Cilka/Telgttatium Dropbox to jar https://www.dropbox.com/s/zw6gm7xkahjtv63/telgttatium-0.3.2.jar?dl=0
  5. Hi, I am currently making grass blocks. Noticed when I run the mod in dev the textures look as they should. The problem occurs when I run the mod in actual Minecraft the sides of the grass are removed. I used the block/cube_bottom_top parent instead of the block/grass in efforts to get the sides working, but to no avail. Would anyone know why this is the case? Dev environment Prod Environment
  6. Well that puts a hamper to my plan. I think I can get around it by explicitly stating the material (e.g. var mat = Material.ROCK) with switch statements, but that approach sounds ugly. EDIT: I can just populate my hash map with the values that are in my XML file if I can't use reflection. It would be a cleaner then my first idea. Thanks diesieben!
  7. Hi, I just build my mod using the gradle build task, and threw it into my mod pack to test on my client. The client fails silently and does not registered any of my mod. It fails when I try to set material to each block. I do not understand why in the dev environment this will work but in a modpack it will not. May anyone point me in the right direction? Offending code: private static Material translateMaterial(String material) throws IllegalAccessException { Material m = (Material) Arrays.stream(Material.class.getFields()) .filter( f-> f.getName().equalsIgnoreCase(material)) .findFirst() .get() .get(Material.class.getFields()); return m; } Logs:
  8. Sorry it took so long. You may just need to add game stages to your mod folder. Not sure if that will work really, but after examining the modpack and what you told me, seems like the most logical conclusion.
  9. What I found was a mod pack, so it should work out of the box. Do you have any additional mods in your mods folder?
  10. Does one of your mods require game stages by any chance? Seems like its failing because of that.
  11. Hi, I recently reworked a fair bit of my mod to read in data from an XML file. Reason doing so was that I wanted a better way to add blocks for a mod that had over 1000+ objects and counting. In doing so, I shifted my block ids. If I update a world with existing blocks, it will possibly remove the mod blocks. I have an idea that may work, but it is flawed, and will not work the mod is grouped in an existing mod pack that already has blocks ids in place of my block ids. My initial plan was to run the mod, register the blocks as normal, then in the post initialization phase, build a map of block name and id, save that to a file to the assets folder. When I run the mod again, I'll do a check for the file and use that to determine the order of how the blocks are registered. I'm really stumped on this problem, and was hoping anyone more experienced that I am would point me in the right direction. EDIT: Please ignore this post. When I was checking in my old world I noticed blocks were missing, which made me suspect that had something to do with the ids. The main cause was that I used the wrong set of data for my XML data. When it processed to generate the blocks I got a null pointer from the bad data. All is good now.
  12. I see what you are saying. My concern would be if leave the false sides without a model, the model would not look as intended. I'll try what you are suggesting. It will be a good starting point at least.
  13. Post from the dead here. I finally got around to implementing the glass pane frames for my mod. Code wise I think I got the blockstate thing down. There are 16 states that these glass pane frames can be in along with the 4 states that I'm inheriting (North, South, East, West). I took a look at how the blockstate json handles its 4 states. Example here for Cyan Stained Glass Pane: Now the 16 blockstates I've created are to go with the original 4 from BlockPane. If I do what I am thinking of doing, I will have to have 128 models just for 1 glass pane frame. Here is the question, is there a less painful way to create the blockstate and models?
  14. After taking a look at your logs, I found this : Taking an "educated" guess, if you know which mod team chisel makes, you can remove that and see if that works. Other then that, my suggestion would be to remove all your mods, but one and run minecraft after each mod you added. Hope this helps.
  15. I've looked in the .iml file and found that I am using version 1.12.2- as evident here <libelement value="jar://$USER_HOME$/.gradle/caches/minecraft/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.12.2-!/" /> I'll see if updating forge to the latest version of 1.12.2 will work. Edit: So I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I have a work around now. @Override public boolean isOpaqueCube(IBlockState state) { return layer != null ? !layer.equals(BlockRenderLayer.TRANSLUCENT) : super.isOpaqueCube(state); } The way I've initialize my blocks I will always use layer instead of getRenderLayer(). Slightly jank, but doesn't blow up my server. Thanks everyone!
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