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  1. Hi! I was making a custom ambulance, and when i press the key "b", it should play the siren sound effect, but it doesn't. Can someone help? This is Where i Call the Sound: public class AmbulanceEntity extends VehicleEntity { private boolean sirenActivate; public AmbulanceEntity(EntityType<? extends AmbulanceEntity> type, World worldIn) { super(type, worldIn); this.setMaxSpeed(20F); this.sirenActivate = false; } public boolean isSirenOn() { return this.sirenActivate; } public void updateSiren() { this.sirenAc
  2. Yeah, i changed it, you can see on the link of pastebin. Did you have some tutorial to suggest to me for using ModelRenderer?
  3. Thanks, now my entity is displayed. Could I ask you for a tutorial for using ModelRenderers? I am not a great expert in this field, and I would like to understand how they work, how to create them in a personalized way and so on. Even the part of the texture on how it is rendered I am not familiar with it, I am going a little blind.
  4. Ok so, I cleaned up the code as you advised me and now I have these classes, but despite this I can't render the model and I don't understand why. It doesn't even show the shadow below, it has no collisions and more. How can I do? I can't find any valid tutorials for 16.5. Here is the files: The Entity Class: https://pastebin.com/AYZ0jN2g The Entity Renderer: https://pastebin.com/3yYX2UxK The Entity Model: https://pastebin.com/AvxakRaH The Registry: https://pastebin.com/U6bE24Ts The Main Mod Class: https://pastebin.com/rDmrLAFA The lastest debug.log
  5. Ok, thanks for the suggestions. How can i add attributes to my entity? I tried using RenderRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler (); The "defineId called for" warning is gone, but it doesn't render the entity anyway.
  6. Hi! I'm adding a new entities in minecraft 1.16.5, but when i spawn it, it doesn't render and on the console it send a warning: This is the console: [17:29:18] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/EntityDataManager]: defineId called for: class net.minecraft.entity.item.minecart.AbstractMinecartEntity from class com.ike.ambulancemod.entity.veichle.ambulance.AmbulanceEntity [17:29:18] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/EntityDataManager]: defineId called for: class net.minecraft.entity.item.minecart.AbstractMinecartEntity from class com.ike.ambulancemod.entity.veichle.ambulance.AmbulanceEntit
  7. The file has .obj as extension, extracted from blender
  8. Hi! Could anyone tell me how I can use Blender models as models for entities? (in this case a custom minecart) Around I find only old tutorials for 1.10 or earlier.
  9. How can I make multiple blocks interact with a single main TileEntity? Maybe I could create a TileEntity for the ColossalChestPart to which I pass the main TileEntity?
  10. Hi! I was creating a block that is bigger than 1x1x1 with a custom tile entity. When i place the block, a part of the struct is spawned around (for now 1 single block above) and the tile entity is copied in the other position of the struct, but it result to be null. Here is the code: The Central Block: public class ColossalChest extends BaseChestBlock { protected static final int SIZE = 5; public ColossalChest() { super(Block.Properties.of(Material.METAL), BaseChestTileEntityType.COLOSSAL_CHEST::get); } @Override public void playerWillDestroy(Wo
  11. Hi! I would like to render the second layer of the player skins in 3D, but when I even try to change the position of the player's hat, nothing changes. Here is the Class: public class SkinLayerRenderer extends LivingRenderer<AbstractClientPlayerEntity, PlayerModel<AbstractClientPlayerEntity>> { public SkinLayerRenderer(EntityRendererManager p_i46102_1_) { this(p_i46102_1_, false); } public SkinLayerRenderer(EntityRendererManager p_i46103_1_, boolean p_i46103_2_) { super(p_i46103_1_, new PlayerModel<>(0.0F, p_i46103_2_), 0.5F);
  12. Ok, i finally make it work I leave it the code for everyone that need something like this. public static void readStructure(ResourceLocation res, World world, BlockPos pos) { if (world instanceof ServerWorld) { ServerWorld server = (ServerWorld) world; TemplateManager templateManager = server.getStructureManager(); Template template = templateManager.get(res); if (template != null) { template.placeInWorld(server, pos, new PlacementSettings().setRandom(server.random), server.random); System.out.
  13. Ok maybe i found out how can i spawn the struct, but i don't know how to get the CompoundNBT from the ResourcceLocation of the file. Can someone help?
  14. Hi! I have a file .nbt that represents a struct. The question is, how can i spawn that struct in a particular BlockPos?
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