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  1. Hello, I am looking for guidance on the best approach to creating a party system I already have the backbone and a system working with commands but I am looking to attach this to a ui(just finished making) so I am looking for advice on the best way to do this going forward, I assume packets will play a big part in the communication to so I can get access to EntityPlayerMP as I believe for the client its EntityClientPlayerMP, So I have a couple of functions that handle it all : createParty(EntityPlayerMP player); joinParty(EntityPlayerMP player, int inviteIdentifier); invitePart
  2. Hello, in older version of forge it was a simple OpenGLHelper.useVBO(); check but i cant seem to find it, not in GLX, RenderSystem....., if anyone knows where or how i can do a check i would be very grateful. I see there is a ForgeVBOon Data FIxer but how to check if it is true? thanks
  3. Hello I am wondering how to package and syncing to client and server work in the 1.15 version of forge i have searched around the internet and seen some stuff about encode, decode and handler but how exacly are they used to send information to client and to server. Any links or information is greatly appreciated.
  4. I have figured this out you simple need to add "loader": "forge:obj" to the json file. Here is what mine looks like.
  5. Hello, I am just wondering how to make a obj item, mainly just wondering how to json file will be setup for this. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am wondering what would be the best way to set the players default health. only two i can think of is a PlayerLoggedInEvent or EntityConstructing(not to sure about this) What would be the best method of doing this? Any answer is appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I was able to set the obj model but using the map_Kd in the .mtl as you did in 1.12 i cant add the texture. I have checked the material that is loaded and the resource location and it directs to the textures location but it doesn't display a texture. What I want to know is if the texture isn't implemented yet or if there is a different way of applying the texture. Thank you
  8. more src code would be better for us to get a understanding how the code works. and taking a guess form the error message inside your shader program(i am assuming this is the motionblur file) you don't have a uniform with the InSize name.
  9. Hello, I am asking what would be the best approach to creating a gui that other users would be able to see, something like the sao gui, when the main user opens his/her gui other players are able to see it and see the things they are doing on it. If someone cold point me in the right direction that would be great, Thank you.
  10. Figured out that the client run config is broke and you need to run the gradlew runClient gradle task to launch the client for now
  11. idk what is going wrong but when i load the client in eclipse it doesn't load my mod into the list of mods i am mainly experimenting with forge 1.13.2 If anyone can tell me where i am going wrong and point me right pls do. Main Class: mods.toml:
  12. Not much you can do with that it is a problem with the modpack and you should contact the modpack creator about this problem or try redownloading the .technic folder and the modpack
  13. thanks i have been i am just trying to find a way to get the translations and stuffi already have in a matrix4F and eaither return them to their float values or just use the matrix instead
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