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  1. Closed. Not forge bug. Version targeting mismatch.
  2. Yes, probably it problem with my mod, "backup", try remove it also. Backup module uses coroutines, maybe it causes problem. If this problem with my mod, please create issue in backup github repository.
  3. I don't know what causes this crash, but my mods.toml fully corresponds to documentation on official forge documentation. My mod crashes after updating forge from 28.1.X to 28.2.0. I also checked existing mods.toml in bundle. Super short stacktrace: [1;31m[20:40:59] [Server thread/ERROR] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Encountered an unexpected exception net.minecraftforge.fml.LoadingFailedException: Loading errors encountered: [ mods.toml missing metadata for modid project_essentials_cooldown, mods.toml missing metadata for modid project_essentials_permissions ]
  4. @perecnicek try remove minecolonies-0.10.763-BETA-universal.jar mod. Probably it can help.
  5. It is not comfortable. I need to log some actions into a separate file. And Forge is stopping me from doing this.
  6. Because the data that I am logging needs to be logged in another file, because if I log into the main log file, all information will be confused.
  7. I think it forge problem, THERE'S NO WAY I CAN override logger for my mod, anyway logging in latest.log what contains in logs/ dir. ??
  8. Lol, i tried configure with code, but it just create file and rolling file BUT LOGGING IN MINECRAFT LOG LOL! https://pastebin.com/3WbtYtgq
  9. It din't help. I tried it, configuration. Anyway logging in common logger (latest.log by minecraft )
  10. In 1.12.2, many used `FMLPreInitializationEvent` and called the `getModLogger` method, but now this is not, and this is not in the list of changes since `1.12.2`, I did not find anything related to the logger, I want to have logging to another file, but with a similar configuration like Forge (i found log4j.xml in forge). How can I create several different log configurations now? In any case, currently writing to the general log force (latest.log). I tried `Configurator.initialize` and `LoggerContext#getLogger("...")`, but this does not affect the logging in any way, it still logs
  11. +1. I also have it problem. I don't see it methods in `1.14.4-28.0.X`. upd: it method only able in ServerWorld, not in World.
  12. In simple words, I want to make unregister that command and register your own. Or simply register on top, thereby replacing the minecraft vanilla command.
  13. if you updated to 1.14.4: Where did you get the method `addChatMessage` and `ChatComponentText` class?
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