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  1. The one thing I am worried about the most is the possibility that the team of Forge will just stop, and there goes the end of forge for newer Minecraft editions. Question is, would that ever be a possibility? What would you do if the team of forge all of a sudden abandons Forge?
  2. Your welcome. Remember, you should try to find stuff on the forums first, before asking.
  3. I feel honored to be quoted in a new post. But yes, I have asked this before, and got some replies of good resources, documents, etc. So you should probably check out my post as it may help. Here is a link to it. Hopefully it may help you.
  4. Thanks. And any basic java code help, which might come up a few times, not much. I would ask on Stack Overflow.
  5. Don't get me wrong, if the video was a lot more easier to read (metaphorically) it would be a great tutorial. And when I say that, I mean make it easier on all people learning to code. Zoom in on the code, add it pop-ups of text of what each thing would/will do. Make it describe more and help easier. Maybe make it a bit interactive. And less stressful on the eyes. It would take extra work to do, but a high quality educational video isn't easy to do. Plus, you can probably monetize and with the high quality work, they could make higher profit, making it worth it. Don't forget high quality microphone and screen recorder. Got to admit though, the worst modding tutorial is from TurtyWurty, he doesn't get to the point. And he is very hard to follow. I might think about it. I already have a github account though. And since I am still new, there would be a lot of posts from me on here. Lol
  6. Thanks, I have looked at the official forge docs. I read all the way to blocks and tried to start on the coding and was confused. I will try the other links here later and hopefully they will help. Thanks. I ain't that big of a fan of video tutorials as I don't have much of an attention span and the coding words are too small and I can't really zoom in on videos. But I guess I would need to learn a lot more on registries to get started as they seem to be a core part of modding.
  7. Hello, a very noob mod here. I asked questions in the past about documentation and what not. Got the Java Docs. But after reviewing the forge docs and some tutorials, it is confusing. Like with registries and what not. I learned Java and I understand Java quite well now, but I guess this is for creating my own Java stuff, with some api. I can easily code a Server plugins, that is easy. But for Modding, it's difficult. Lot's of steps, which makes sense. To the point: I want to know, for people who mods Minecraft, how did you learn and understand it, to make the game do want you want?
  8. That sucks. Thanks anyways. What about Minecraft?
  9. Alright, thanks. I will do that. Still probably going to be a pain though, but I will. Can I add my own custom comments to the source, I really hope so. But I think I can do it. Also, what is the proper forge source at, I seen that forge decomp didn't include every source?
  10. Really? That is way to much, to do that would take months. There has to be an easier way that doesn't make someone discourage.
  11. So how does other madders that create awesome mods like GalacticCraft mod? I used GalacticCraft as an example as it uses a lot of neat features, like flag design, rocket, UI, Space UI, custom armor, adding tabs in Player Inventory, and more. What steps did they take to look at how they do this and that? That is what confuses me, like if it doesn't have any sort of comments then how do people mod? That always confused me. I could always ask Mojang for documentation, but why would they, lol. If it was that simple, I am about certain that if that was that easy, Forge would have access, but who knows though, they probably only asked once, so it might just work. Never hurts to ask, they can't sue you or anything for asking, lol. That would take away my first amendment of the USA.
  12. Well, yeah. I have already done all of that. I have it open in eclipse and there are no errors. Only problem is, it will be hard to mod without some sort of docs. I have attached source to Forge in the Referenced Libraries from the .gradle cache (caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\net\minecraftforge\forge\1.16.4-35.1.4), I attached the decomp one. But problem is that there seems to be no comment docs inside any of them, making it harder to mod it. I did all of this right after running gradlew genEclipseRuns from cmd within the folder. I also did gradlew eclipse before that. Now, it is both build successful, I open it in eclipse and looked in reference libraries and in Forge snapshot, noticed no attached source so I added one that I think was it, which I think it was as it was working. And that was the full steps in what I did. I tried to be as specific as I can. I really want to mod Minecraft, but I don't want it to be a lot harder to find what it does exactly, that will take forever and I want to customize Minecraft to the full expense of my imagination.
  13. Well, your suggestion works. My computer run 3GBs of it quite easy. Guess I underestimated my computer, lol. Thanks again. Now, how do I get the forge source?
  14. Well, alright then. I'll report back with what will happen. Also, what is the main purpose of gradlew genEclipseRun?
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