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  1. That's stupid, really stupid in my opinion. Now I have to move the mods to a different version now just to play a lower version like 1.12.2, I don't like that, I really don't like that. Especially when minecarft versions become higher, it is going to get too confusion. What minecraft version did they remove the feature? Just curious as the last version I played that was modded was 1.12.2.
  2. So I am having trouble with this feature in the new 1.15.2 version. Before I could store the mods in the version it belongs to and be able to run it like a mod for 1.10 goes in the folder 1.10 in the mods folder and mods for like 1.12.2 in their correct version folder and it works but for 1.15.2 if I put it in the folder it doesn't detect it. This is really irritating when going back to like 1.12.2 and I have to move the mods somewhere else. Can you explain as to why this is or if this is just a bug of some sort? I do hope I have this in the right category.
  3. I really need help on this because this has been bothering me for some time now and really need help on it. So, I have two laptops, and I was trying to play minecraft on my other which won't work anymore because it is always crashing and really need help because I went at it for hours, trying to fix it, and I am not kidding because it won't...I just wanted my friend to play minecraft with me and the laptop (Which is a windows NEVER, ever did that before until now...a couple weeks ago it did it too but not all the time because if I close it and reopen it, it will work and now even when I do that it doesn't work...I also messed around and I tried three different things with mainly all different error outputs. Using all mods: Removed the buildcraft mod Removed the OptiFine mod I have also tried a few other things like do what it said and tried to make a low resolution mod pack which I don't really know how to do, just guessed and made the textures smaller down to 14x14 pixels, I have also tried increasing the memory but not too high though or it won't work but it still didn't work and don't know why it would matter either because the laptop never did that before...also I am using 1.7.10 because one of the mods is only for 1.7.10 and it has a big use in it as well, like it is the main mod and I did get permission to update the mod, now only if I knew Java a bit better.
  4. Okay...I got it working but now I tried to many times and now it is crashing because of corruption of some blocks and entities. Here is the crash report. It is short but it is the main thing minecraft said or forge said
  5. I wish it could work like that but sadly I feel like it has a cache. I re-tried 1.4.2 which didn't work and I am confused since it worked before but now doesn't which makes no sense unless there is a cache for it unless somehow you can edit the files but I don't know since I never published a mod on curse forge before. So unless you can than I am screwed but if you can't than there has to be a cache somewhere. I'll run 1.4.2 and see if there is a different error. Got it:
  6. Is there like anything I can do to fix it because I can't afford to uninstall the mod because I used it before and it worked but not this time for some odd reason so why could it just all of a sudden stop. I am thinking maybe when I upgraded the mod it made a cache. Anyway to remove the cache if it has any because when I installed the new version that is not the alpha one and went to put back other and it continued the problem. I installed the 1.4.5 as newer and I used the 1.4.2 before and I switched back after seeing that it has something to do with that mod since I seen it more in the crash report.
  7. Now this is a better explanation, thanks!!! I thought it had something to do with the code but don't know what. although I did try earlier versions and upgraded the mod last night.
  8. So there is a problem with the mod...I thought so but didn't really try any. I had to repost this from the minecraft forums website because that website is actually broken right now where you can see any forums unless you try different browsers but than it will eventually break there. Can you at least tell me why the vampirism mod isn't working. Here is a new crash report just in case. and yes I have tried a few things before asking and after.
  9. So I upgraded my mods and forge for Minecraft and after I did I played Minecraft and clicked on my save I been working for the best year and It kept on closing with no crash report but still published one...just didn't say anything. I need help by this weekend or else I am seriously never coming onto Minecraft forums anymore because I never get help from here anymore. I published my crash report below.
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