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  1. Yup, I'm using Forge 1.13.2 - 25.0.219
  2. Ok so I checked what exactly is going on using debugger and found out that there is validStates mismatch (screen below): - valid state for BlockGlass is apparently Block{minecraft:air} - valid state for my block is Block{minecraft:glass} Any idea why is that? I also tried to register original glass block to check if that will change something but the effect is the same. event.getRegistry().register(new BlockGlass(Block.Properties.create(Material.GLASS).hardnessAndResistance(0.3F).sound(SoundType.GLASS)).setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "glass")))
  3. Hey, What is the correct way to replace vanila blocks in forge 1.13.2? I tried to register my block with vanilla registry name (similar to what I was doing in 1.12.2) but unfortunately it didn't work (stacktrace below). My block: Registering of block: Latest.log
  4. Hello, In 1.13.2 the implementation of some methods of ParticleManager have changed and addDestroyEffects method of block is no longer being called. Is there an alternative way to change/override particles when block is broken?
  5. I finally solved the issue with block brightness. It turned out to be really easy fix. All I had to do was add two lines of code: Minecraft.getMinecraft().entityRenderer.enableLightmap(); //Rest of rendering stuff here Minecraft.getMinecraft().entityRenderer.disableLightmap(); I also changed the structure of the code to call the drawing method for the transparent blocks only once. Here's updated code: @SubscribeEvent public static void onRenderLastEvent(RenderWorldLastEvent event) { EntityPlayerSP player = Minecraft.getMinecraft().player; WorldClient w
  6. Hey, thanks for reply. I looked into that method, but unfortunately I don't think I know what part of code you had in mind and for which issue. Can you elaborate?
  7. Ok so I finally got some time to play with FastTESR idea and it ended up pretty well - I achieved the effect I wanted on almost all blocks. The biggest issue with this approach turned out to be transparent blocks. They were really glitchy due to rendering order. So I end up rendering them in the correct order (furthest to nearest) in RenderWorldLastEvent and the rest (solid, cutout...) in FastTESR. At first everything looked very good, but unfortunately I found 2 new issues. 1. Transparent blocks look good during the day, but at night or in another dark environment they are too bright.
  8. Put your code in handleMouseInput() method istead of handleInput().
  9. I'm sorry I should be more specific with my question. I'm trying to do something with issue #2. In BlockModelRenderer#renderModel there is a flag that determines if the block should be rendered "Smooth" or "Flat". boolean flag = Minecraft.isAmbientOcclusionEnabled() && stateIn.getLightValue(worldIn, posIn) == 0 && modelIn.isAmbientOcclusion(stateIn); Ambient Occlusion is enabled in the game and in my model. The problem is that my block is emitting light so stateIn.getLightValue(worldIn, posIn) is greater then 0. In my last post I was asking if I could "force" the game
  10. Is there a way to "force" Minecraft to render block using BlockModelRenderer#renderModelSmooth method directly instead of BlockModelRenderer#renderModel method?
  11. Hey, thanks for answer Thanks, that works great @Override public boolean doesSideBlockRendering(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess world, BlockPos pos, EnumFacing face) { IBlockState neighbourState = world.getBlockState(pos.offset(face)); Block neighbourBlock = neighbourState.getBlock(); Block originalBlock = getOriginalBlock(world, pos); if ((originalBlock.getBlockLayer() == BlockRenderLayer.TRANSLUCENT || originalBlock.getBlockLayer() == BlockRenderLayer.CUTOUT) && ((neighbourBlock == this && originalBlock ==
  12. Hello I'm currently working on the mod that let players make blocks emit light. To achive this I am swaping original block with a custom one that uses texture of the original block. Original block state is stored in tile entity. I'm also using IBakedModel in conjunction with ModelBakeEvent to dynamically generate a model. It's all working fine but I have encountered some lesser rendering issues that I don't know are possible to fix 1. SOLVED. Transparent blocks like Ice that are directly behind my block are rendering sides (see picture below). This is probably imposible to fix
  13. Hello, I am extending vanilla redstone wire block that it has additional property - Color. The color value is stored in tileEntity since metadata is used to store redstone power value. Of course I override getActualState method to return state with color. //getColor method retrieves color from tileEntity @Override public IBlockState getActualState(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess worldIn, BlockPos pos){ state = super.getActualState(state, worldIn, pos); return state.withProperty(COLOR, getColor(worldIn, pos)); } Blocks of different colors have different properties/beh
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