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  1. Need some fish skewer? fish_cod_cooked.pdn Sorry for spamming the site, anyways. I'll try at some new ones. Here is some new ones _Cruelar_! If you want to edit them, do whatever you need. The bananas were hard so I hope they look ok for a start. You can remove the bold, black edges to add something more blending if that's better. Thanks for letting me help out on this mod. Will I get any credit or no?
  2. Ok thanks this really cleared a lot of things up. I will try my best to make some textures! SHOCK ARROWS READY?
  3. I made this on paint.net and I hope it works for Crab Stir Fry! It's 32x32
  4. Sounds great, I'm not the greatest texture maker but I can try making some basic things if you want. This mod looks really neat and I hope to use it for my Zelda adventure map
  5. Where is the download link? I really want to try this mod because it looks so cool! If someone can help me find it, it would be greatly appreciated.
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