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  1. That's exactly what i did.? But i only use HORIZONTAL_FACING and was not sure what you would use, if you want to include the posibiity you let your block face up and down. It's somewhere in my commit history, but was to lazy to look it up. I had that before but changed it horizontal only, since it looked somewhat strange to have da machine lay on it's back instead of standing upright.
  2. I just use @Nullable @Override public BlockState getStateForPlacement(BlockItemUseContext context) { return this.getDefaultState().with(FACING, context.getPlacementHorizontalFacing().getOpposite()); } But that's only for Horizontal, without UP and DOWN. If i am not mistaken your code set's the FACING to the Direction you are looking at, so you could just add the .getOpposite() to it. I think context.getFace() get's the Face your are placing against, but I am not sure. So context.getFace().getOpposite() should face it in your Direction.
  3. You can use the PlayerModel from Minecraft and even the BipedRenderer, but your are limited in what you can do with that. I did just test it, you can use RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(FarmerEntity.class, (EntityRendererManager rendererManager) -> new BipedRenderer<>(rendererManager, new PlayerModel(modelSize, smallArms), shadowSize)); to register the BipedRenderer with the PlayerModel to your Entity.
  4. It usually means your signature doesn't match with the function you are overriding. As a result your function doesn't get called at all. Also i think your return value should be FAILED or SUCCESS. I am not sure at the moment, look at what the parents function does.
  5. Developing a mod an mac is just the same as on windows or linux. Just install java 8, your favorite ide, download the forge mdk and open it as a project inside your ide. On how to write a mod, there is plenty of stuff for 1.12 available. For example the forge documentation and multiple online tutorials.
  6. You recipe has no output, the result is empty.
  7. I don't think it's high on the list, since the vanilla way works just fine. The 100 item models you will need either way. Since the changes should be fairly similar in all your files, you could look into regular expressions and a way to automate the conversion.
  8. Since forge for 1.13 is still being developed and hasn't had a stable release yet, there is not really any documentation. I think 1 or 2 things have been updated at https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.13.x/ other than that your are stuck with looking at the mkd, finished 1.13 mods and the forge and mineraft sources itself to figure out how stuff is done. In your case look how vanilla displays these information and work from there.
  9. IIRC the relevant stuff is in the net.minecraft.stats package.
  10. You could save the current value if the player joins the game and at any given time calculate how far he walked since, with the new current value.
  11. Blocks moved? Like how many blocks you pushed with a pisten? Or like how many blocks you walked? The later is in the player stats.
  12. In 1.13 you can change the loottables with data packs. Just add the json loottable for whatever you want to change inside your data folder. Like data/minecraft/loot_tables/entities/pig.json for example.
  13. Your log should tell you more about why it isn't loading the blockstate json. I just used vanilla format without the forge_marker, so i can't comment on that one. (Might have heard somewhere it's not implemented yet,but don't quote me on that.) As for changes, one change is that the "normal" variant is now just an empty string "". And the blocks and items folders now should be named block and item. If you use your block as an item as well you will need an json model for it, also you normally just use your block model as a parent and that's it. For an example just look at the vanilla files.
  14. What version of java are you using? I know there can be problems if you use anything above 8, but not sure if that's related.
  15. I don't you eclipse, but looks like a problem with your mappings or workspace setup in general. Try running the eclipse task again, or genEclipseRuns. That should update your mappings if something is missing. Also for me sometimes it helps to just close an open the project again.
  16. They are no constants but static variables for entities, like the ones you put on top of your class.
  17. If you look how minecraft does it, you see the EntityType is the constructed Builder of the entity itself.
  18. Yeah, but that only works for new Items
  19. Which event are you using for your function?
  20. Not extend chicken, since everything down the line will be a chicken. Use the parent of chicken. Most of the time you don't want to use the last class in the inheritance chain of minecraft. There is almost every time some fixed values you can't change.
  21. You should look into what you make your classes a child of. EntityChicken calls the constructor of EntityAnimal and sets the EntityType to CHICKEN. Since your rendere extends the parent of chicken, i thought that's what you had done with your entity as well.
  22. Should also work. I forgot to override getEntityTexture in one instance, that's why i asked. But as i said before, the problem is with EntityRed itself. If the entity was correct, it should say whatever the name of your entity is, if you spawn it, regadless of how it looks.
  23. The name should be right even if the renderer doesn't work. The problem seems to be with the entity itself. I take it your EntityRed extends EntityChicken and RenderRed extends RenderChicken as well? Do you have your code somewhere on github or something?
  24. You can spawn an entity with the /summon command.
  25. 1.13? The rendering should go in doClientStuff and the entity inside the corresponding event. Are you sure your spawn eggs work? Are they also chicken if you use the /summon command?
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