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  1. yep, i'm doing that ever so slowly, but i have 664 codes i'll have to rewrite and i dont feel like messing that up
  2. where can i find info on this new registry event?
  3. oh, thanks, but this is what was generated by MCreator
  4. alright, fine, where can i find an example that looks like this: if(mod is on client-side){(this bit here is all i need to know on this line) EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(new ResourceLocation("unreachablefantasy:iceyeti"), Entityiceyeti.class, "iceyeti", mobid, instance, 64, 1, true, -1, -6684673); } ?
  5. i will not be helped on this project unless i can get code from this forum so github and any other online code posting sites are off the table by default
  6. just make a large entity yourself using MCreator, then test the server environment and it should stop because of an error
  7. i wont use git because then other people can see my code, mostly i dont use github. just. post. the. if. loop.
  8. i can't and here's why: i am making an if loop that contains the rendering code, i already have the entity made, the rendering code is already there, and i need to know what the if loop would look like if i were to put the auto-generated rendering code into a loop that only runs if the session is a client
  9. i want to know because a mob my friend added is crashing servers and i need to fix it so that it only tries to render the mobs in the client, right now they render no matter what thanks in advance
  10. i guess the tutorial i was following along in was outdated, oh well,
  11. My one item won't load into the test environment for some reason, my log is attached to the post, please help. the error i'm concerned about is from lines 99-115, is there a fix for that? Log.txt here's my code (with the RF API? src.zip
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