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  1. I created a class called ModBlocks for my blocks. There are two blocks, arock and brock. As you can see I created a method called registerBlocks() to register my blocks and also their ItemBlocks. And finally, use the register() method to register all of them in my main class. But the following exception occurs: package Sixs.FirstMod.blocks; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.block.material.Material; import net.minecraft.item.ItemBlock; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry; public class ModBlocks { public static Block arock = new Block(Material.rock).setUnlocalizedName("arock").setRegistryName("arock"); public static Block brock = new Block(Material.rock).setUnlocalizedName("brock").setRegistryName("brock"); public static void init() { } public static void register() { registerBlocks(arock,brock); } public static void registerBlocks(Block... blocks) { for (Block block1 : blocks) { GameRegistry.registerBlock(block1); ItemBlock itemBlock = new ItemBlock(block1); itemBlock.setRegistryName(block1.getRegistryName()); GameRegistry.registerItem(itemBlock); } } } It says that I use the name fm:arock to register ItemBlocks twice, but I don't know how. The ItemBlocks's registry names are the same from their corresponding blocks. Help will be appreciated.
  2. Alright guys. I finally got it to work. I changed the optifine version and it worked out! Thx for your help and patients!
  3. while it failed again, but I feel like this time is better Btw I'm using the --all jar and Optifine 1.8.8_HD_U_H8 version. Got them in the mod folder
  4. So I need to put my tweaker with the decompiled Optifine jar by using simpledeobf in the run/mod folder?
  5. I have my optifine installed only in the playable forge launcher but not the development environment. But I have the other source and normal tweaker jar in the build lib.
  6. @Cadiboo I tried the --all version. And this is what I got,
  7. what do you mean by --all version?
  8. i build it with .\gradlew jar command
  9. one question, where can i get the optifinedevtweaker jar file?
  10. So I am trying to adding the optifine mod to my development environment but I struggled on it. I tried different methods but it doesn't work. I'm trying to add the optifine by using optifine src. And also, I'm using intellij. Helps please.
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