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  1. I managed to solve the issue. For anyone else who might be experiencing this problem, here is what I did: I deleted the “forge_gradle” and “minecraft” cache-folders located under %USERPROFILE%\.gradle\caches and let IntellJ re-import the project. Additionally (but likely unrelated) I updated to IntelliJ IDEA version 2020.2.3 and OpenJDK (Hotspot) version 1.8.0_272.
  2. I have switched to a JDK version which uses HotSpot. Unfortunately the errors are still there. (new stacktrace)
  3. I tried importing the recommended mdk version of Minecraft Forge 1.16.3 (1.16.3 - 34.1.0) into Intellij IDEA (version 2020.1.4) and got the following errors: Could not make Minecraft POM. Missing version json Could not find net.minecraft:client:1.16.3 A full stacktrace (gradlew build --stacktrace --plain-console) can be found here (pastebin) Can anyone help with this?
  4. Hi everyone, new modder and first time poster here, so please excuse if this question has been asked before (I do not think so). I also apologize should this question be in the wrong forum. So, I would like to include a sound in my mod that is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, but am not quite sure how to do the actual attribution. Right now I have it set in the “Credits” section of my mcmod.info file as “<title> by <author> used without modifications under Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0). Found at <website>”, but I do not know if this is sufficient. I also thought I might need to include a “credits.txt” file or something along those lines. Does anyone have experience with things like this? Thanks in advance
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