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  1. Try to click on the arrow downwards right to the green run button. Then press "Run configurations" and open the "Java Application" there should be a "Client". Click on it and press run. It should also be your default in the future so after that you probably just have to press on the green run button as usual.
  2. The forge 1.13 version is very new. But optifine probably has no update to work in a forge 1.13 version. So you have to wait until optifine gets a update.
  3. I want to change the fog of the game and the FogColors event works fine but the FogDensity event is not working for me. When i cancel the event and set the fog density to any value there is no fog at all. And when i don't cancel the event the fog density value isn't changing anything. thats my code: @SubscribeEvent public static void renderfog2(EntityViewRenderEvent.FogDensity event) { if (event.getEntity().isInsideOfMaterial(Material.WATER)) { event.setDensity(0.6f); event.setCanceled(true); } }
  4. It's probably because the maximum light level is 15 and i tried to set it to 30(20).
  5. I meant i searched for the wrong method. The problem is that i want that block to be generated but then it is not glowing at all. getLightValue in my Block class: @Override public int getLightValue(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess world, BlockPos pos) { return state.getValue(SEED) == 3 ? 30 : state.getValue(SEED) == 2 ? 20 : 0; } and the way my block is generated: public class WorldGeneratorKelp extends WorldGenerator { @Override public boolean generate(World worldIn, Random rand, BlockPos position) { worldIn.setBlockState(position.up(kelpHeight + 10), InitBlock.CREEPVINE.getStateFromMeta(rand.nextInt(1) + 2), 3); return true; } But when i use /setblock x y z better_diving:creepvine 3 then it is glowing.
  6. Thank you! I just searched for a getLightLevel method and didn't found it...
  7. Is it possible to set the light level of my block to for example 5 for a meta value or for an blockstate property?
  8. Can you explain what that means or give me an example? Found an example Also do you know which folder i have to choose when using eclipse? In 1.12.2 there was an eclipse folder but that one is missing and when i just select the folder where all my files are in i don't see any libraries etc.
  9. How can I setup my modding environment in Forge 1.13.2? In Forge 1.12.2 and earlier I had to use gradlew setupDecompWorkspace but this doesn't work anymore.
  10. All you have to do is: Install Forge Put your mods in the mods folder Start Minecraft Forge So at which point do you have trouble? Edit: Detailed Description
  11. Please use a spoiler for such large log files or similar things (error reports). You can also edit your post now. And it says that there is no other mod installed on the server. Just forge is installed. Try to make sure that you have installed the mod correctly.
  12. Can you post the latest.log file of your server with your mods installed?
  13. Seems like you have not installed your mods on your server. If you run your server on your own computer then you have to put all mods (that are not client only mods like optifine) also in the mods folder of your server. For your hoster there is also an tutorial on how to add mods to a server: https://scalacube.com/help/gameservers/minecraft/installing-mods
  14. I mean when i load your model for my item it shows with texture. So something in your code seems wrong.
  15. I just tried your model as a regular item and it's showing perfectly. So the json seems fine.
  16. Yeah i was too fast and saw it right after clicking submit reply... Maybe try if vanilla minecraft textures are working.
  17. They are at the wrong location. The json file just searches in your models folder not in models/skins. nvm looked wrong
  18. I think your texture files are maybe at the wrong location. They should be in assets/bnha/textures/models.
  19. Can you post your crash report? You could compare the distance of the first entity in the list with all the other entities in the list. And when a distance is smaller you could go on with comparing that distance. And if you just need the lists of entities for setting the attack target then you could also just search for the nearest netity that is not an ally.
  20. Probably because you set the size of your friendlyList and enemyList to 32
  21. I'm not sure if you should make your own thread. But you should show us what you already have so that we can help you.
  22. One last question. Do i still need my storage class? Because i don't use it but i need to pass an instance of a storage class when registering my Capability.
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