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  1. Hi, Is there a fixed location where the data would be stored about companions in minecraft save files, like wolf location or any mob inherited from that class? Or is it just stored randomly in one of the files? To be clear Its not a wolf but a Cockatrice from Ice and Fire mod that I am looking for. I just assume it hopefully uses the same scheme. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I am wondering if i would make a mod that's not running on the server (only on client side that joined a non modded dedicated server) is the server telling the client in any packet any way, what's the seed of the map?
  3. Sadly yes Thats why I came here cause I tried all the basic or logical things. I was hoping that someone with a bigger knowledge can understand some hidden things from the log.
  4. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
  5. It's a client(windows) and i launch it through twitch Launcher method "Jar Launcher" (Its that old is big white box launcher. I can't just go and cry at the javas site with this crash log right? Cause at this point this really bothers me that what can cause it. My last tip is wrong not the newest nvidia driver but I doubt it has anything to do with java crash.
  6. Hello! So to begin with I am a programmer but can someone help figure this out, cause i have no clue whats wrong with my gf-s pc Java is the freshest since I was at dev forums watching similar problems in older versions I was reading the logs but couldn't find anything out it's not the simple null pointer exception at:line Also the most annoying thing is its inconsistent usually crashes at start but sometimes doesn't. The pastebin i guess it says all. Edit: This is Twitch Ozone 3 btw
  7. You can set the priority to highest for yourself so it will generate before all. " you can prioritize events in forge. In @SubscribeEvent you can put priority = Priority.HIGHEST for example (look up event annotation)." Link
  8. You can use thoose maybe: EntityLivingBase#attackEntityFrom(DamageSource source, float amount) Or EntityPlayerSP#attackEntityFrom(DamageSource source, float amount)
  9. Well for starter from the item class i would not use the constructor with a Const string but instead maybe use the constructors 2 parameter for "unlocalizedname" and "registryName" But since you use it onlyonce i am not sure if it would cause any crash.... anybody? IDK if it would cause the crash public ItemKufariyIgnot(String unlocalizedName, String registryName) { setUnlocalizedName(WingsAndCloksMod.MODID + "." + "itemKufariy_ignot"); setRegistryName("kufariy_ignot_item"); setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.MISC); }
  10. Well if you really want a tutorial then read and ignore youtbe videos. I have a feeling that all the guys who make youtube videos can only do thoose basic stuff and nothing else. They even use the exact same example. What I did i used this tutorial: This Then start to read the documentation. If you dont like to do it like nobody in the world just read the getting started and the Concepts exspecially this. (About the proxies) Then i watched his videos. Now maybe some will say this is "hand feading and exspecially don't watch guides" but to start this was kinda ok for me (but really dont watch guides on youtube). Thoose videos are really helpfull if you have the base concept. Sadly to answer your exact question idk what "ModLoader" method do you mean exactly?
  11. XD I swear I sometimes come to the forum just to read your answers. Quality entertainment.
  12. I would start to dig in: net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer; This object has a MinecraftServer#getplayerList() //Ps: just dont use it on the client side
  13. Okay so yeah I realised that over my sarcasm it is indeed has the modid:"ms" Maybe change the.json "layer0": "tutorialmod:items/bluestone_dust_item" To "layer0": "ms:items/bluestone_dust_item"
  14. Just to make sure your modid is "tutorialmod" and not "ms" as even the game says right?
  15. If you are joined to a physical server then this event fires on the logical client ( @sideonly(side.client), worls.isRemote==true) if I am correct. This is what i meant. But only for mob deaths. But still I am not interested in this anymore so don't bother with it at least not for me.
  16. Well basically I DONT there were this guy who were trying to make a CLIENT SIDE ONLY mod which would do somethign when a player dies "show particles" but this solution would involve the mod to be on the server as well. Anyway I am not bothering with it anymore since if i would need it i would just install it on the server as well and make the server handle it. But beside this I still don't understand why is this event fireing all the time(on the client) when a mobentity dies without missing even 1 but never fires when a player dies. But fires flawlessly on the physical server side.
  17. You create a new block and register it: //Register<Block> event //somewhere in your code final Block[] blocks = { new BlockBasic(Material.ROCK, "first_block", "my_first_block") }; event.getRegistry().registerAll(blocks); Then you register the items with the reference of the previously mentioned block above (in my case they are stored in TutorialBlocks) final Item[] itemBlocks = { new ItemBlock(TutorialBlocks.MY_FIRST_BLOCK).setRegistryName(TutorialBlocks.MY_FIRST_BLOCK.getRegistryName()) }; //this is the event where you would register your items normally event.getRegistry().registerAll(itemBlocks); Then you register the model as you would do with an item registerModel(Item.getItemFromBlock(TutorialBlocks.MY_FIRST_BLOCK)); private static void registerModel(Item item) { ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(item.getRegistryName(), "inventory")); } If you need the .jsons as well tag me.
  18. Okay understood I did it with serverside and it is indeed working there. But I dont get the client part still. I was aware of the sides but can you explain this please then If the LivingDeathEvent is only reliable on the server how could i catch a packet that informs the client that some Entity has to disappear since the client is informed correctly and reliably every time something dies. PS: i know its easier on the server still BUT the example was a client sided only mod. So how would you get any info when an entity dies? eg:can the proxy catch the targetted packet?
  19. So I tried to answer a thread here and i made an example which works fine at local When game is "singleplayer" the onLivingDeath fires on All entities When game is "multiplayer" the onLivingDeath fires on All entities but any form of players This is weird since the documentation says it will fire on EntityPlayers @SubscribeEvent public void reeewdyeven(LivingDeathEvent event){ System.out.println("WTF"); if (true){ System.out.println("asd"); Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); mc.player.sendChatMessage(" died"); } } This is Running on my client and does say in server chat "died" when a mob dies Does nothing when the owner (ME) or any player dies. Is there any other event that catches it or how does your client even notices that somebody died then? (why is it working on local??? )
  20. Also there is no such thing as "only client side" if you use forge https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/concepts/sides/ "It is important to understand that FML picks the proxy to instantiate based on the physical side. A single player world (logical server + logical client within a physical client) will still have a proxy of the type you specify in clientSide!" Even if you are in singleplayer technically you have a "server"
  21. @SubscribeEvent public void reeewdyeven(LivingDeathEvent event){ if (event.getEntityLiving() instanceof EntityPlayer || event.getEntityLiving() instanceof EntityPlayerMP){ System.out.println("asd"); Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); mc.player.sendChatMessage("asdasd"); } } This event is clientsided as well tho idk what you were talking about So now you dont have to look for the log files
  22. Why dont you run the mod from the developer environment tho?
  23. Now you legit made me confused. Bro if you build something it won't magically get applied on the server.
  24. Its in the console on your environment in Intellij IDE its there: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526458081329152002/530000677305319434/unknown.png In eclipse probably the same placement but in white tho
  25. @SubscribeEvent public void reeewdyeven(LivingDeathEvent event){ if (event.getEntityLiving() instanceof EntityPlayer || event.getEntityLiving() instanceof EntityPlayerMP){ System.out.println("asd"); } } https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/526458081329152002/529999484885925918/unknown.png Try this if its printing then solve the sound. Ihave no clue to sounds in minecraft yet
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